Riordan Lake New Trail Update:


Overlooking the Yellow Pine valley.

Excerpts from Jim Maxey’s Riordan Lake journal comments, July 22, 2015:

Riordan Lake Trail work project is another success!  The following is what was accomplished by a handful of very dedicated and hard working volunteers from various ATV Clubs in the valley, plus employees from Forest Service (FS) and Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR).

  • Wed (7/15/15):  Five dropped 64 trees out of the new trail.  Ray and Mike were using chain saws; Derrill, Gordon and Jim assisted.

    Riorden Lake Trail

    Mapping out the new trail, July 2014.

  • Thur (7/16/15):  Eight, plus John Hidy from the FS, hauled and placed rocks in the mud crossings on our way to Riordan Lake trail. After arriving on the new trail, Bill, the backhoe operator from IDPR dug the foundation on the upper Cousway  trail where we started installing the felt, timbers, and rocks — lots of rocks!


    Volunteers laying the felt pad and rocks on the trail to keep the trail from washing out and causing mud.

  • Fri (7/17/15):  Eleven completed the upper Cousway and moved down to the lower trail.
  • Sat  (7/18/15):  Fourteen worked all day on the lower trail and completed it with only some backhoe work left to do on some bank areas and drainages.


    Finished trail with all the rocks!

  • Sun (7/19/15):  Nine took a ride from camp to Riordan Lake up the new trail to Meadow Creek L.O., down to Monumental Summit to Cinnabar Mine to Stibnite Glory Hole, down to Yellow Pine for lunch.  Stopped at Devils Hole and back to camp.  This was a 75 mile loop.
  • Mon (7/20/15):  Some volunteers left camp.  Ray, Derrill, Tom and John stayed and went back out to pick up some equipment that needed to be returned.

The “mighty” volunteer work crew!

A very special thanks to Ray and all his efforts for promoting this project with the Forrest Service–it took a long time, but well worth it!  Thanks again to everyone who worked on this project last year, as well as this year.  Thanks to Mike P. for all the photos!

The Riordan Lake Trail, near Yellow Pine, is now officially open but will not show on the Travel Map until 2016.   Jim will be using this loop on his Labor Day weekend ride.  To see more photos, members please log in and click on the Riordan Lake Project Volunteer Week post or visitors can check out the Ride Photo Journals.

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