Well everyone, we are about 2 weeks & a day away from our rodeo in Idaho City.

If you’ve been putting off registering, now is the time.  We need a head count for the BBQ dinner on Saturday and sizes for t-shirts.  I would ask anyone that is planning on attending to please send me an e-mail so that I can get an accurate head count.

Let me know in the e-mail how many are:

  •    Competitors
  •    Guests
  •    Spectator only (no BBQ dinner)

Also, if you plan on being a road guard for the Idaho Rally let me know that. We are rapidly running out of time here.  I need you help in gathering this info.  I am still looking for an electronic timer for the event.   If I cannot find one, how many of you have stop watches that you would be willing to bring?


Frank Sorger

Canyon County ATV Club

[email protected]


UPDATE AS OF MAY 15, 2012:

We are now only 30 days away from the ATV/UTV rodeo & jamboree in Idaho City.

It’s time to remind folks to register so we can make arrangements for the BBQ dinner & order t-shirts in the proper sizes.

First, let’s bring everyone up to date.

We’ve got all the plastic barrels we’ll need for the rodeo.  The sound equipment has been arranged.  We are still hoping that someone in our clubs might have some sort of an electronic timing device that we could use for the event…if not, we’ll just use stop watches.

We now have both national ATV magazines and national UTV magazines coming to cover the event. We’re going to have a ball!!!

After a day trip to Idaho City yesterday, we have verified that the snow in the city and most of the lower elevations is gone.

The campgrounds are free of snow, but the meltoff is still visible.  That will be gone very soon. There are two ATV trails from the dry camping area to the arena and to Idaho City.  We will need to use them, as we are not allowed on the highway 21.

There will be designated crossing areas.

The trails are looking really good for our riding enjoyment.  We’ve identified and pre-riden the route for a poker run that will take place during the weekend jamboree.  We’re in the process of obtaining addtional prizes for that event.

The city has been working on the surface of our portion of the rodeo grounds and it’s really looking good.

Next week (Tuesday, May 15th) we have a small party of volunteers, with chain saws, weed eaters, hoes and rakes, going up to clean up some of the small trees and vegetation that are currently in our seating area.  If anyone would like to join us, contact me at 867-2812 for details.

We now have both national ATV magazines and national UTV magazines coming to cover the event.  Still working on some possilble media coverage.

We’re going to have a ball!!!

I’m attaching a copy of the new flyers, so you can  get them out as soon as possible to your members and others that ride.

I’m also attaching a copy of a registration form.  Please get these out to your members as soon as possible.  Encourage them to sign up, attach the required fees and return them.  We really need these soon to get accurate head counts for meals, etc.

We have the beginning of a volunteer list to work the rodeo.  (Remember, those that work as volunteers can still compete in all the events).

So if you’re interested in volunteering please contact me.  The more volunteers we get from each of the clubs the better.  And just as a reminder, the proceeds of the Rodeo/Jamboree will be determined by the participation percentage of each club and distributed to each club by that %.

Things have been moving slow but steadily over the past month or so.  Now….we’re at the point of acceleration.  From this point forward we need everyone to put in gear and give it throttle.  We need to move forward fast !!!

Contact me if there is anything I can help with.


Frank Sorger, Canyon County ATV Club, 867-2812

[email protected]


Registration Form: ATV Rodeo Registration




Idaho Rally 2012

.  For more information about the Idaho Rally ATV Event on June 8-9, and volunteering, contact Frank Soger, Canyon Country ATV Club: [email protected]

.  See BATRC website posting for Frank’s comments about the Idaho Rally and how you can help:  http://boiseatvtrailriders.org/ride/fri-jun-8-sun-jun-10-idaho-rally/