Simple Steps     

     It takes two steps for you to Register on the Boise ATV Trail Rider’s website (yellow blocks on graphic).  Basically, on the2 Steps to Register website Register heading (lower right corner of the website screen), click on Register, fill out the form and click on SUBMIT (Step 1).

     You will receive an e-mail back with your Username and Password, along with a long http:// URL link. This should come to you almost instantly (Step 2 blue).

     The next thing you need to do is click on that Verification Link (Step 3 yellow). This action activates your account.

     If you cannot find this link, look in your Junk Mail file or perhaps your spam blocker program has stopped it. You will not be able to access the ATV Ride Center or Rides & Event Calendar until this step is completed.  You must be an active member with one of the Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA) local clubs:  Boise Trail Riders, Canyon County ATV Club, Emmett Rough Riders, Mountain Home ATV Club and Kuna Trail Riders Club.

     We are not trying to make this process difficult, just trying to protect the website from spammers. Questions, please contact Pauline at [email protected] or Quinn at [email protected] .  

Registration Instructions

     Click here for more detailed instructions on “How to Register on Log in” on the BATR Website.  See “New BATR Website” article for more information.