Ride leaders take us out on some great rides — what a view!

Welcome to our Ride Leader Web Training page.  By now, you should be registered and your membership verified.  Click on the training document links below for additional help.  Use your back arrow to return to this page.  Feel free to make copies for reference, they are PDF files.  If you have a question, comment or problem with the system, send us a note.

2016 Note to Ride Leaders:  If you participated in scheduling rides for 2016 with Jim M., the ride dates, titles and ride leaders have been entered.  All you need to do is find your ride and fill in the missing information.  Remember to change your ride status from “In Planning” to “Active” when you have finished editing your ride(s).

Instructions:  See “Detailed” #1 (with screen shots) instructions below on how to enter a ride.  Remember, you are the only one who can edit your rides besides the web administrators.  If your name is not showing on the ride post, your president will need to send an e-mail to us stating that you are an official ride leader for their club.  You will also need to register on the website.  Once these have been completed, your name will be added to your ride.  Feel free to contact us with your questions.

Let us know if we missed something in our training documents.


Member Instructions

  1. Explanation of Home Page Key.
  2. How members can Register and Log-in. (Reference only, you should be logged in now.)
  3. How members can change your Profile. (Updated 08/21/2016)
  4. How members can access the ATV Ride Center.
  5. How members can use the Southwest Idaho Ride & Event Calendar.
  6. How members can post classified ad.
  7. How members can post an impromptu ride using Quick Post. (Updated 08/21/2016)
  8. How members can use the new map feature.
  9. How members can submit a photo for an avatar/Gravatar and create a bio.
  10. How members can change your password. (Updated 08/21/2016)
  11. How members can upload Trail Tracks onto the BATRC website.

Ride Leader Detailed Instructions

The following instructions have screen shots and photos:

  1. How Ride Leaders can enter, postpone or cancel your rides, add a map and change default photo.  (Updated 08/21/2016)
  2. How Ride Leaders can view all their posted rides and edit. (Updated 08/21/2016)
  3. How Ride Leaders can post an Impromptu” ride in the ATV Ride Center. (Updated 08/21/2016)
  4. Generic OHV Rider Release Form for Ride Leaders to use with each ride. (Updated 05/11/2016)
  5. How Ride Leaders can find Lat/Lon Coordinates in Google Earth for ride posts. (Updated 05/09/2013)