Copy of pics of 4 trac with jim 024Fellow BATR Club members…

Welcome to 2016!   We have a lot planned this year and you’ll get an idea shortly on all the different clinics, programs and speakers I have lined out for the next 12 months.  I encourage you to view our “Presidents Message” on the website for a quick outline of what’s on the horizon.  It’s ambitious, a little scary and in my mind, necessary.  I have taken your surveys (2013s and the one recently) to heart and we are going to make this the best ATV club in the state!!

Here’s what’s on the schedule for this upcoming December meeting (the 19th).  Please try to come and support the new format and agenda. It should be interesting, informative, at times funny, a little embarrassing and you just might even learn something!  I’ve spent months designing the program for this year, but was waiting to announce this until I had support from the board.  As of last week we are “good to go”!

Every meeting will have a clinic (a hands on event) prior to the meeting (some will even be outside), a Program (a video presentation from experts on various topics) and a speaker.  Below is how I see the meetings playing out in my mind…


First off, we will have a “cold weather” clinic that will start at 6:15 pm (this is during our meeting coming up on the 19th).  This will be hosted by Jim Maxey and me.   We would like to discuss the things you should do to be warm and stay safe on winter rides. We will layout the exact items we carry on us (personally) and our machines to stay comfortable and safe. Please come and see what we have to say about the matter.


Second, look for a whole new format for a meeting which will start at 7 pm (hopefully). Get your baby sitters and TIVO’s set as this will likely be a 2 hour(ish) meeting.  Here are the topics for the agenda:

  1. Let’s get going” opens the meeting
  2. Let’s say hello” recognizes new members or possible new members.
  3. Guest speaker – Mike Sandifer, owner of the Northwest School of Fly Fishing will discuss where to ATV and fish in the area. He has a few spots that are conducive to a nice ATV ride and then catch some big trout!!  Bring your note book and mark out your plan for a spring fishing trip.
  4. Stink reports” Stuff the club needs to know ie:
    1. Treasurer’s Report – Dennis “do we have any money”?
    2. Secretary’s report –
    3. Web report/ Instruction with Pauline (review of a couple items on the website- live)
  5. Ticket Drawing
  6. Unfinished Business from last year
  7. We will discuss the “N.B.A” or our New Business and Announcements
  8. The More You Know” – (Program) – Hypothermia – these will be video presentations by experts in the field. I developed these programs in response to club members wanting to stay safe in the outdoors. These will be on-going throughout the year.
    1. Mild vs Severe
    2. Shivering
    3. Rewarming
    4. Treatment
    5. Overview

Break- 15 minutes

  1. Let’s discuss “CRAC” – Crashes, Rolls and Causes – with Jim Maxey and Patrick.  We will review video clips of nasty ATV/UTV accidents, what happened and why.  We secretly videotaped (a not to be mentioned local atv club) riders throughout last year and you get to see some disturbing stuff!  You must keep this a secret of course.
  2. Maxey’s Minute(s) – Jim gives you the scoop on what’s happened and what’s new
    1. “Tales from the Trails” – completed rides report with Google Earth support
    2. F.E.A.R reports – Future Events and Rides – Jim discusses the upcoming rides for the month. Google Earth supported.
  3. Reiterations – I will discuss (reiterate) what you need to do/have to be safe/legal in outdoors. This will be only about 2 minutes at each meeting just to make sure everyone is on the same page of music.
  4. A 1,000 words – we will take members “thumb drives” of past rides (the most recent past rides if possible, but not necessary) load them into the computer and show them on the big screen (please keep your pics to about 4 or 5 of your favorites in the interest of time). These need to be Jpeg images.
  5. Winners Circle – we finish up with our final 2 raffles.
  6. Stop the Insanity – meeting ends and you either run me out of town or clap!?


Thanks for taking the time to review this and Jim and I look forward to seeing you soon!

If you have questions please call me at 916-226-5684, if you need a sitter please call Jim!


Patrick Sherman, BATRC 2016 President