The Blacks Creek area (Danskins) are opening this Wednesday April 11th. The USFS has determined that the area is dry enough to start accommodating recreation traffic for the season. They caution that there are some washouts and hazards that need to be addressed

An issue that we as recreationists need to be cognizant of, is people hill climbing and riding off trail. These types of activities will eventually get the area closed to motorized use. If you see someone riding off trail or hill climbing, please let them know that it is not acceptable and their activities will get the area closed to motorized activities

For those of you who are interested in helping with maintenance on the Danskin trail system, Treasure Valley Trail Machine Association (TVTMA, A Boise Motorcycle Club) is having a trail work day on Saturday, April 21. TVTMA will have food at the end of the day for all the people who assisted with their work day. For more information about the TVTMA work day go to . In the near future, one or more of the Local Treasure Valley ATV clubs will also have a work day that is yet to be scheduled. I will let everyone know when the ATV workday is scheduled, so you can attend if you are interested.

If you are headed to the Danskins this week please recreate with caution!

Todd Wernex

Recreation Specialist

Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation

(208) 514-2413