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Big Nasty Hillcliimb http://www.bignastyhillclimb.com/data/sites/3/banners/emailmasthead.jpg

We hope to see you in Big Nasty Land, September 14-16 for the 10th annual Big Nasty Hillclimb. We are almost done tweaking, adjusting and adding new stuff in Big Nasty Land this year including on-site, hot showers, side-by side mud drags, and some great new sponsors, starting with Monster Energy and Maverik County Stores. We are also working on something interesting called the Maverik Mud Slide…

Meanwhile, results are posted on our website for the Yakima and World’s Steepest Hillclimbs, as well as the current points standings for the Northwest Hillclimb Series, (the Big Nasty is the 3rd and final round in that series).

Our website, www.bignastyhillclimb.com http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=00152CU_5kryn8SJiTHFfQMGNSYQ5uIZ1d9B5xnD_ajuznm o4MJMDxaUKIsa923fCX22fO8JST-o2oft0LCu_kwYnM7ZZI9zEvgUgMqkA7f_yDkGGBwl3xpaXFn VvFL_AJg> , is now getting updates almost daily. Attached is the new, 2012 mail-in entry form that shows new classes and an all-new class run schedule which moves pro qualifying to Friday afternoon and the 450 and 700 pro mains to Saturday, (the Open Pro Main is still on Sunday morning). Online Big Nasty registration will be up in a few more days.

Also note the attached Amateur Entry Form for the 2012 Idaho Supercross that is coming up in August 3-5. (Pro Forms and 50cc Challenge Forms are available on the website – note: You must pre-register your child for the 50cc Challenge.) This way-cool event will be held at the Century Link Arena in downtown Boise and will be a really fun weekend for racers and spectators alike. The event will include races for pros and amateurs, (with the track tweaked appropriately for each group) as well as some freestyle. Please check out their website at www.idahosupercross.com http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=00152CU_5kryn_yLf-e0jpjZHj0AtvktouFzNN_O9VlDGCP o1FoRpdgAbncBK0dT4sKryXJvoylAtDIZtr_U2HSkfeykvH5lCDBjjLFfu327VB7YuyJn4yWAA== > for all of the details and if you would like to track them on Facebook – “Idaho Supercross” – they’ll offer frequent updates, information and some ticket giveaways too. You can e-mail them at: [email protected] and tickets are available at www.centurylinkarenaboise.com http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=00152CU_5kryn-R_5hcEaOxbf-htjaYm24sIgVd2rfNTP64 zkLAE5uYATHQV6e7hL3wFQQ-TFgCQF8I-asnFo4hocqbJTUWCzlMTB5zBo0cK0dJxQpk-wJ8tErF JLnp-kHE> . If you have any questions please contact Ed Barnowski @208-870-7316 or Cole Siebler @208-870-2020.

Lastly, we are right in the middle of creating our annual Big Nasty DVD, and we are missing a few shots for our 2011 version. Please let us know right away if you or any of your friends shot any video footage at last year’s Big Nasty. This includes hill shots, mud bog shots, helicopter shots, and your Uncle Larry drinking shots. If you have any good stuff, please let us know and we’ll hook you up with a free ticket, and some other goodies for this year’s Nasty, as well as put your name in the credits. Please call Ron Dillon at (208) 573-4255 or e-mail [email protected].

[ Download Mail-In Entry Form Here ] http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=00152CU_5kryn8XRVq2t_TuFlsF9KfjV_lGtMdKsxsVZteZ TspMG468-sy-tkOO0CbbTVHsVyNX9Edb-iUihumUgjta4AihqQ-jwnI-TNvce62Go4HHFDKGsW3u CrMvaQwkrptXKywRRmqrmq5QH0wkRk5juityUjMHH5Jg0NZeig4-aRggTk_oYoN0hGDOI0L->

[ Download Idaho Supercross Entry Form Here ] http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=00152CU_5kryn9BNZ_lDdDgsZ5bsWk5myLCvVoh2mStRjQ3 dYqnkW0xq-fVYYismRlEYstLHN14sJA-JssMQtZXEgAWxgzxWwUpYiZH0pKkY74X5-h4eP7sw40V xxugpqiIlMPo4nev3qoK7ZKfLFW3w121Np2PPd5vsTejN6jyX9hKMXJgEWK3gdQ2iKDRNEkX>

Find Us On Facebook http://r20.rs6.net/tn.jsp?e=00152CU_5kryn8HyX5lAOWXS8G_DUFQ0I5kN4liOZFcMX_W ZKIrttldm0HVb49YYd8cSE6bc6C-LggWvP3W4ihrU6JSGsSJUMVJm38vqzdYIlNVrBTq5eOJozML zqf_novCYO6bS_11ODFPLXexTnEtD0F4bLbJUQMtMnxZlOsepsytQ9LMTGifQA==>

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