Advertise With the Boise ATV Riders

We need your support AND we’d like to increase your sales from our 200+ club membership!  As an ad sponsor of the Boise ATV/UTV Trail Riders (the oldest ATV club in the area, est. 1979) you’ll not only be supporting the off-road sport around the area, but helping to protect our trails from closure [...]

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Christmas Party – HUGE SUCCESS!!!!

Christmas Party! If you weren't at this year's Christmas party you missed out for sure!   Maxed out event!  There was sooo much mistletoe and kissing going on it was almost embarrassing.   Then we had Darrel doing egg nog shots and that took things to a whole new level.  In fact, there were sooo many [...]

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Sponsor Document Library

Sponsors are an integral part of BATRC. Typically, we have about a dozen paid sponsors each year. Dues are $60 per year which allows them two pages on the BATRC website to display their business card, write a short description of their products and/or services, post a store front photo or product, and post their [...]

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Display Booth & Sportsman Show Library

ISATVA booth at the Annual Sportsman Show first weekend in March. The Idaho Power Display Booth used at the Annual Sportsman Show and ISATVA events has been loaned to our BATRC through Pauline Jones, retired from Idaho Power. This Display Booth is normally stored at Pauline's home. Special care is required to insure [...]

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Membership Committee Document Library

The following documents describe the Membership and Treasurer processes, and various documents are used by the Membership Committee. BATRC Membership Committee Process BATRC Application, updated 12/04/2012 BATRC Purpose (to be given out to new members) BATRC Member Promotion Cards (front) BATRC Member Promotion Cards (back) BATRC Guest Sign-in Sheet BATRC Membership Database: Quinn Fisher created [...]

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