For Your Information:

The information in this e-mail applies to ANY place you’re riding or doing anything else out in the back country or woods. If you find a weed patch, make a note of the location and get out of there as quickly as possible.



The Malheur County Sheriff’s Office is urging anybody who is out and about on public land to be cautious.

Sheriff Brian Wolfe said residents need to be aware of their surroundings because of the potential of marijuana grows throughout the county. “Every year we have marijuana gardens,” Wolfe said. “We find them or hear about them by observing things out of place.” He said a fear among law enforcement is that people who are visiting public lands will stumble across a garden and be confronted by those who are working it.

“The gardens are worth a lot of money,” Wolfe said. “It becomes a really dangerous situation. We don’t want anybody getting hurt.” He said if something seems out of place, people should leave the area and contact law enforcement. Read it all here.



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