Christmas Party!

If you weren’t at this year’s Christmas party you missed out for sure!   Maxed out event!  There was sooo much mistletoe and kissing going on it was almost embarrassing.   Then we had Darrel doing egg nog shots and that took things to a whole new level.  In fact, there were sooo many egg nog shots going on (you had a choice of the Jim Maxey or the Bill Jones) that we weren’t sure we were going to actually sit down and have dinner.  I think it could have gone all night!  AND THEN   Santa came in as our surprise VIP for the evening!   The music was rolling, the pictures were snapping it was a great time.   For everyone that showed up we hope you had a great gift to take home and some even better memories.

I want to thank Jim Peterson, our professional photographer and Ron Blake for their contributions to the night.

Also, we launched our new website   and introduced our new marketing plan for the year.  The club is set for 2017 and well beyond.

Additionally, we had our awards ceremony and picture contest. Surprisingly those went off without much of a hitch. Who knew we could use a cell phone and 70 people yelling to select the best images!    Dennis Colton won the award (Shutterbug) and his image will be in our upcoming calendar.  Great job Dennis!

You will find the professional images on Jim’s website at this link:  Feel free to down load any and all photos!  You can also find them on our meetup calendar at   Christmas Images on Meetup    If you took pictures that evening please feel free to upload those to the site it’s really easy and we’d all love to see them.  Try and keep your individual image sizes to about 1 meg or less if you can.

Finally, I hope you all had a great time and we’ll see you at the next monthly meeting to trade a few stories from the evening, but for now…“Let’s Get Out There”!


Patrick Sherman, Club President