Tuesday, April 19 ~ Boise ATV Trail Riders Continuation Clinic on GPS / Maps / Google Earth 

Mark Your Calendars!

* * Instructor – Patrick Sherman (President of the Boise ATV Trail Riders) * *

Our Clinic for this coming month (April) is a continuation of our GPS map program from last month.  Please see below for more details, date, time, location, etc.

April Meeting Speaker:  Additionally, we will have Polli Buzzini, Community Outreach Coordinator, Life Flight Network, as our guest speaker and will start our first program on lightning.   Look forward to seeing you at the meeting.  We will have the formal agenda in the next few days.


GPS / Maps / Google Earth Follow-up Clinic:

With the large amount of people we had for the GPS / Delorme Map clinic we were not fully able to incorporate all the functionality of the mapping “system” in the amount of time we had.  In this follow up, we will do a very short review of the plotting method using the Delorme Maps and then use the Degrees-Decimal-Minutes coordinates and plot locations into Google Earth.

We will show you the following:

  1. How to set your “home” starting point in Google Earth
  2. How to set up your Google Earth software for the proper position format
  3. How to navigate with turn-by-turn directions to and from a specific point within Google Earth
  4. How to save various coordinates for future rides
  5. How to adjust a way-point as needed
  6. Quick review of a conversion website just in case you’re using someone else’s coordinate format
  7. We will further review how to set the position format in a Garmin GPS device
    1. Bring your GPS unit and we’ll try to set this format into yours as well.
  8. As time allows we will show you how to manually set a coordinate into your GPS unit so you can navigate to it.

When:  Tuesday, April 19

Time:  8:30 pm to 9 pm

Where:  Idaho Pizza 405 E. Fairview Ave., Meridian ID

Contact: Patrick Sherman 916-226-5684 or [email protected]