Another local Boy Scout, Kyle, contacted me (Bill J, Boise ATV Trail Riders Club BATRC) for assistance with his Eagle Scout project in cleaning up DeLmar Cemetery, Silver City.   The cemetery is located on the north side of the old DeLmar townsite and is not very big — 100 X 150 feet.

Last October, we cleaned up the Silver City Cemetery and have received many thanks for our efforts.  This is another project which will be appreciated by the Silver City community and enjoyed by many. We enjoy riding around Silver City and projects like this is a way we can say thank you. It is a worthwhile project and hope you can assist.  By the way, you do not need to be a member of the BATRC to help with this project.  If you would like to help with this community project, please contact me…see info below.

What needs done?

The cemetery fence needs replaced and weeds removed around the headstones.  The DeLmar Gold Mine has furnished all the wire and steel posts to replace the fence around the perimeter.  The fence material has been delivered.  By the way, the only way up there is on an ATVs (pickups are not allowed).

What to bring:

Bring a shovel, pulaski if you have, rake, fencing plyers, and work gloves. I will be taking the BATRC trail maintenance equipment trailer to Cow Creek, my ATV and little trailer.  I will be pulling the little trailer to haul equipment to the cemetery.  We can also use the little trailer to haul some rocks to fill two rock cages.

Where to meet:

Meet at the Junction of Cow Creek and the Silver City Road, on Highway 95, south of Marsing at 9:45 am, Saturday, October 13, 2012. We will convoy to the town site from there via ATVs / UTVs. Some riders are going to ride from the EOP on the Silver City Road near Murphy; which is a 30 mile ride (at least one hour).

Lunch & Water:

Kyle’s parents, Jim and Tricia Pascoe, Caldwell and family will be providing lunch and water for the volunteers.  They requested a head count, so please let me know if you can help.

Contact Info:

Bill Jones, Project Lead, 375-0101 or [email protected].  Please call me or send me an e-mail if you can assist.  Also, let me know if you will be meeting at Cow Creek or whether you will be riding from the EOP on Silver City road to the cemetery.


Bill J., Boise ATV Trail Riders Club