If you want to explore the Owyhee Desert and have a blast doing it, motorcycles and other off-road vehicles are the way to go. There’s a huge network of trails in the Walters Ferry and Murphy areas with hundreds of miles of singletrack, ATV trails and backroads. “It’s really prime time for riding,” said Terry Heslin, trails and travel management coordinator for the Bureau of Land Management. Riding in the desert provides a lot of different experiences. You can get an adrenaline rush on tight, rocky trails, scope out awesome vistas of vast open country, spot wildlife, or share an all-day ride with your family or buddies. Whichever experience you prefer, riders must be prepared to deal with some remote, unforgiving country.

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This Owyhee article was written by Roger Phillips, The Idaho Statesman, April 28, 2011; and we received permission to link to Roger’s full story on The Idaho Statesman’s website 05/04/2011. 

Be Safe — Be Prepared!

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Riding the trails in the Owyhees.