For your information. BATRC Web Admin From: Flash Point Snowbike [mailto:[email protected]] On Behalf Of Flash Point Snowbike Sent: Saturday, January 05, 2013 4:36 PM To: [email protected] Subject: 2013 Flash Point Snowbike Race Having trouble viewing this email? Click here kgZbUjZrX8KRrAz3zNg1TaLNYNidLA8TuDOxZyQYx4XIxJOlZZ2RE-Ur7xjiLCZLaiVFpWajz4pg pxg0Oq0R2UTm5ZilpltRMjKqeOL8k0DpqrDylclx4s0> Flash Point Snowbike Flashpoint, the world’s premier snow-bike event, is coming up on Saturday, January 26. It happens on the McCall, Idaho Golf Course, right in the middle of the 48th annual McCall Winter Carnival, which is a great, family event with fireworks, ice sculptures and much more. Come watch wild, handlebar to handlebar racing, starting at 2:30pm. Visit for more information. The 2013 Northwest Hillclimb Series kicks off this year with a new, earlier date for round 1, the World’s Steepest Hillclimb, which will be held at the Owyhee Motorcycle Club Grounds in Boise on Saturday, March 30. Round 2 will be the 3rd annual Northwest Nitro National, held at Yakima, Washington on April 26-28, and of course the 11th annual Big Nasty is set for September 13-15. Visit for more information. We are adding an all-new, non-motorized weekend at the Big Nasty Ranch on May 18-19 too. It will feature a 3-mile mud run on Saturday and a mountain bike race on Sunday. This will be a total hoot, kind of a Dirty-Dash kind of thing with assorted water crossings, mud pits and rope climbs. Come and visit Big Nasty Land in May for a whole new kind of experience. ttp:// virus found in this message. Checked by AVG – Version: 2013.0.2805 / Virus Database: 2637/5996 – Release Date: 12/29/12 Internal Virus Database is out of date.