Idaho Parks & Recreation Trail Rangers Idaho Parks and Recreation is looking for a few new Trail Rangers for the 2013 trail maintenance season. Riders must be at least 18 years old and be an expert trail rider. Riders must submit a completed application to Todd Wernex. The application can be obtained at . Idaho has one of the largest systems of single-track trail in the United States. Keeping those seemingly endless miles of trails accessible to users is a task coordinated by the Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) Trail Ranger Program. Funded by Idaho OHV users’ registration fees, the number one goal of the IDPR Trail Ranger Program is to open the most miles of trail in a season while at the same time improving the trail system, so all users can enjoy Idaho’s trails. By making more miles of trail available to trail users, users are dispersed, environmental impacts are minimized and user conflict is reduced. Every spring other management agencies around the state participate in the program. Participating agencies provide temporary housing for trail rangers as close as possible to the trail system. Housing is usually rustic – such as a Forest Service guard station; but includes a sheltered sleeping area, cooking facilities, a clean drinkable source of water, showers, and refrigeration for food. The Trail Ranger Program makes more miles of trail useable earlier in the year by removing downfall, turning out water and removing other debris from the trail. Source: Mountain Home ATV Club News (newsletter) Reprinted with Permission from: Rusty Faircloth, President, Mountain Home ATV Club