How to Register on website:

To register on the Boise ATV Trail Rider’s website, Simple as 1-2-3 as explained below.  For more detailed instructions, click on this How to Register Instructions”  link .

  1. CLICK ON REGISTER (upper right-hand side of screen).
  2. FILL OUT REGISTRATION FORM:  Fill out the information requested on the Registration form and Register.  For more information member classifications, see  “A” for Web Visitor  (Not a member) and “B” for Club Member below:
            A.  NO, Not a Member (Web Visitor):  If you selected NO, then you will not be able to see the Boise ATV Trail Riders website MEMBERS AREA. We encourage you to join the Boise ATV Trail Riders Club.
            B.  YES, Club Web Member:  If you said YES that you were a member of the Boise ATV Trail Riders, then your membership will need to be verified.  This is a manual process and may take a couple of days, so be patient.  You will receive a Welcome Note once the process is completed and access to the scheduled rides will be given.
  3. VALIDATION OF E-MAIL ADDRESS & CLUB MEMBERSHIP:  You will receive an e-mail from our website to verify your e-mail address. Make sure to respond back to this e-mail. If you did not receive an e-mail, check your Junk Mail and spam blocker to allow access. Your membership will be validated as explained in “B” above.

How to join or renew membership – Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC):

1 –  Come to a Meeting:  You are welcome to attend our BATRC meetings and join us by filling out a Membership Application.  Membership Dues:  Individual $15 per year (18+years), Family $20 per year, and Sponsors $60 per year.

2 –  U.S. Mail Postal Service:  Print off a copy of the BATRC Membership Application below, fill out, include your check and mail to the BATRC address below.  Membership cards will be given to you at meeting or mailed to you.

  • New BATRC Membership Application:  New members, please click here for copy, click on print, fill it out, mail Application and check to address listed on Application or see Mailing Address below.
  • Our Mailing Address:

Boise ATV Trail Riders
P.O. Box 190933
Boise, Idaho 83719

3 – Electronically/On-line ~ Using  PayPal:  You can NOW join or renew your membership by using PayPal on our website. PayPal does not charge to set up a PayPal account; however, there is a small fee to process the payment. Fee is shown in the Shopping Cart when checking out.

  • First — Register on Website:  If you have not so already, you must be registered first on our website before you can use PayPay.  To register, click on REGISTER (upper right-hand side of screen), and fill out the information requested.  (Select Boise as your primary club even though you are not an official member yet.)  You will receive an e-mail from our website to verify your e-mail address. Make sure to respond back to this e-mail. If you did not receive an e-mail, check your Junk Mail and spam blocker to allow access.

**How to Register Instructions on website, click here.  If you are having issues using PayPal, please contact our web admin.

  • Second — Fill out the BATR Club Membership Application Request Form:  After your e-mail address has been verified, log onto our website using your user name and password and click on Join Our Club or click here to fill out the online Membership Application Request Form.  
  • Third — Initiate Payment Process:  After filling out the Membership Application Request Form, click “Next” to place your order in the shopping cart, and then click on “Proceed to Checkout” to start the PayPal process.

**How PayPal works on our website! For printable guidelines on “How PayPal works on our website,” click on this link.  Not to worry, the website will walk you through it when you are ready to start.  If you have questions about using PayPal, please contact our web admin.

Officers & Directors:

  1. Patrick Sherman, President – 916-712-9723
  2. Jim Maxey, Vice President – 208-861-7326
  3. Dennis Colton, Treasurer – 208-284-1664
  4. Liz Colton, Secretary
  5. Mike Pierce, Director & Membership (1 yr term left) 208-631-9512
  6. Russ Burkhardt, Director (2 yr term) – 208-846-9396
  7. Doug Davidson, Director (3 yr term)
  8. David Claiborne, BATRC Representative to Idaho State ATV Association

Volunteer Committee Positions:

  1. Mike & Yvette Pierce, Membership & Club Store – 208-631-9512
  2. Pauline Jones, Web Admin – 208-484-3040
  3. _______________, Webmaster
  4. Bill Jones, Media & Ride Leader – 208-375-0101
  5. Linda Colton, Christmas Party Committee Chairperson
  6. Russ Burkhardt, Audit Committee Chairperson
  7. Steven Huffman, Nominations Committee Chairperson
  8. Doug Davidson, Picnic Committee Chairperson
  9. Mike Pierce, Russ Burkhardt and Doug Davidson, Welcoming Committee
  10. Vacant, Member at Large
  11. Vacant, Writer/Reporter for Website/Newsletter

If you would like to volunteer on the positions above, or help out on other projects, please contact us.