Idaho Recreation Council Meeting Minutes

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Idaho 2011 Legislature Directory  (Individual Member Photos may not show well.)


Haden Claiborne, Tom Glass and Bill Jones from the Boise ATV Riders Club along with 34 other recreational organizations from OHV, snowmobile, horseman, water craft, etc. from all over the State.

Topics of Discussion:


The Idaho Parks & Recreation Department (IDPR), Recreation Bureau Chief, David Claycomb, made a presentation on how the Federal Land Agency is causing the loss of trails (closing) and roads; but yet, they want more money to do road and trail repair and maintain existing trails. Very simply put, they want more money through grants from IDPR to do their work and still close more trails. A 30-year record showed they have been doing this for a long time and are still closing trails and roads but have received millions of dollars in grants from IDPR.

A mailing was sent out by IDPR to 32,000 motorized vehicle registered owners (snowmobiles, water craft and OHVs) explaining that IDPR was going to make a public disclosure of this action by the government agencies. This action caused the Governor’s Office to be flooded with calls complaining about what they were just notified about in regards to this disparity. This action was well accepted by the attendees at the meeting. Pressure from the recipients is hurting the Federal agency’s “Travel Management Plans.”

IDPR is doing an excellent job on managing the “Gas Tax” monies collected for use in their operational budget. They got the Governors attention and had all the monies returned to IDPR and are in the process of presenting a bill to make the “Gas Tax” a permanent addition for the Department of Parks & Recreation Department’s budgeting process.


. The Motorized community needs to be more involved in this awareness campaign.

. Contact IDPR and let them know you want to be heard:

1. Nancy Merrill, Director, Idaho Parks & Recreation Department – [email protected]

2. Jan Johns, Administrator Assistant to Nancy Merrill, Idaho Parks & Recreation Department – 208-514-2251

3. David Claycomb, Bureau Chief, Idaho Parks & Recreation Department – 208-514-2410 (Give him a call and thank him for doing a great job)

4. Idaho Parks & Recreation Department main office – 208-334-4199


Mr. Andy Brunell, United States Forest Service (ISFS) made a presentation from the Regional Forest offices, Missoula and Ogden, that some Ranger Districts were having heartburn about ATVs using the forest roads alongside regular vehicle traffic. The biggest concern was driving on two lane and paved roads, having mixed use vehicle traffic. However, a recent study by the Montana Highway Department and Idaho Department of Highways, stated that of the 6,800 reported accidents involving vehicle vs. vehicle crashes, there were ZERO ATV reported accidents–Vehicles vs. ATVs. Moreover there were several hundred vehicles vs. bicycles, and vehicles vs. pedestrian accidents. The USFS is wanting to remove all ATVs from their two lane and paved road systems. More comments that were unprintable came from the session attendees !!


. Suggestions from the attending members were: Provide “Speed Limit” signs and “Share The Road” Signs on the affected roads. (The local ATV community did this for the Owyhee County Sheriff’s office in 2006 on the Silver City Road and it has helped a great deal.)


Tom Crimmins, Idaho Recreation Council Advisor, made an appeal to all motorized land user groups to get involved with the USFS and BLM planning and scoping processes going on this year.


. Contact your local Ranger District and talk with the Rangers and Engineers about your concerns. JUST DO out our cause.

. Contact your local Legislator and tell them what you think should happen on the public lands. Start with your County Commissioners Board, Ada County, Owyhee County, Boise County all of our surrounding Local legislators and Senators.


Sandra Mitchell made a point to let us know the CIEDRA bill has been presented again to make the “Boulder -White Clouds Area” a wilderness area and lock up another 1 million acres of our lands.


. More contact with our State Senators and Legislatures is needed or it will happen sooner or later:

1. Sen Mike Crapo — 202-224-6142

2. Sen Mike Simpson — 202-225-5531

3. Rep Labrador — 202-225-6611

4. Rep Rich — 202-224-2752


Dave Galantumonini presented a case for the same Idea as the ” Owyhee Initiative” for the Clearwater River Basin in central Idaho. They want to push legislation on a collaborative front for more forest improvement, land allocation for recreation, restoration and economic development. He talked briefly about a North to South ATV trail from Avery, Idaho to the Salmon River south of Elk City. It is already there just needs to be signed.


Mel Quale from Twin Falls spoke on the Jarbidge RMP that he BLM and USFS are trying to make another wilderness area. The Twin Fall District BLM Resource Advisory Group are opposed to this plan. The current plan is 2000 pages long!!


Idaho Horsemen want legislation to “TAX HORSEMEN.” This is in the process now. A $2 fee would be charged on horse hauling equipment which will be used for trail development and maintenance of existing trails.


Bill Dart, Idaho Coordinator, Great Basin Institute, from Reno Nevada, talked about his time on the development of the Ernie Lombard ATV trail near Challis; and ongoing trail work near Reynolds Creek at the trailhead near the feed yard on the Reynolds Creek road.


. Any help needed on ground projects in our area, he can help out. Contact Bill Dart — 208-241-7894

Respectfully submitted by

Bill Jones

Boise ATV Trail Riders