Ride Leader meeting to plan out 2014 rides: 

Jim Maxey, Director, Boise ATV Trail Riders Club

Jim M, Director, Boise ATV Trail Riders Club

Jim M, BATRC Director, coordinated and facilitated the annual ride leader meeting on October 10, 2013. We are so very lucky to have 27 members who volunteer their time and money to plan, pre-ride and lead the rides.  Every ride leader is dedicated in making the rides/events fun and safe for our members.   Together, they scheduled out rides and events for almost every weekend in 2014.  There are 35 rides either on a Saturday or Sunday, 13 rides/campouts, 5 joint annual trail clean-ups, and 3 special events.

Club Ride Leader Attendees:


Ride Leaders: Steve H. from Boise ATV Trail Riders Club; Darrel M from Boise ATV Trail Riders Club and Emmett Rough Riders Club; and Jay H from Canyon County ATV Club.

  • Boise:  Steven H, Bill J, Darrel M. Pauline J and Jim M
  • Emmett:  Ray I, Dennis M and Teresa M
  • Canyon:  Dennis E, Hal H, Jay H, and Rick H
  • Mountain Home:  Rusty F
  • Kuna:  No attendance


Ray I, Dennis and Teresa M from Emmett Rough Riders ATV Club.

Ride Leaders: Ray I, Dennis and Teresa M from Emmett Rough Riders ATV Club.

Thanks to all the Ride Leaders for all their time and efforts in leading these rides!


Ride Leaders: Rick H, Hal H and Dennis E from Canyon County ATV Club; and Bill J from Boise ATV Trail Riders Club.

Area ATV Clubs:

Click on list of local Treasure Valley ISATVA Clubs and join one. Remember, you cannot see the details about the ride on the ATV Ride Center unless you are member of one of the Treasure Valley ISATVA Clubs.

Note:  ISATVA stands for the Idaho State ATV Association.  The Treasure Valley Clubs (Boise, Emmett, Canyon, Mountain Home and Kuna) all belong to the State association.

So, don’t delay, join today.


Ride Leader: Rusty F from Mountain Home ATV Club.


For more information about joining the Boise ATV Trail Riders Club on-line using PayPal, click here.   Information about Boise’s meetings. 

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