Welcome to our on-line BATRC Event Planner & RSVP form.

With some of our events and/or rides, the Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC) would like to know how many are planning to attend. This “generic R.S.V.P. form” was designed to capture a wide variety of information and only portions may be applicable.  Be sure to read about the event and check only the boxes that apply.  Use the drop-down box to select the event.

We are NOT collecting any money through the website and the use of this form. However, if a fee is applicable, such as for food preparation, you will need to pay at the event unless otherwise stated.  IF YOU DO NOT SHOW UP, and we have counted on your attendance, we will still need to be reimbursed.  If you CANNOT ATTEND, MAKE SURE YOU CONTACT the event coordinator or ride leader and let them know so that you will not be charged.

Thank you for assisting us with our planning.  See you there.