Why did we change the Boise ATV Trail Riders’ website?

Why the change?  Over ten years ago, the Boise ATV Trail Riders (BATR) Club used Microsoft’s Front Page software to develop our website; and about five years ago Microsoft’s support for this software was phased-out.  We were thankful that our web service provider has continued to help us keep the web running, but they have asked us to convert to a different web program as soon as we could. 

Overlooking the Boise foothills.

Over the last year, in our PAPER TRACKS newsletter, we have been seeking volunteers to help me create another website.  Last spring, one our members (Joanne) suggested another BATR member, Quinn, who might be able to help!  I contacted him in May, 2010 and he accepted this challenge. As many of you have heard me say, I can make the web look good, but don’t ask me to build it.  

After talking with Quinn, I knew he would be perfect because he had experience in developing other websites such as the one for his metal detecting group.  Since June, 2010, he has been working off and on in his spare time developing our website, and more so in November.  Over the last month, Quinn has been helping me learn how to maneuver behind the scenes, transferring information from the old site over to the new one, editing and adding new pages, and developing member training on how to register, post, etc.  The whole process has certainly been a big learning curve for me and I am so grateful for Quinn’s time, dedication, experience, patience, and willingness to develop a more up-to-date site for us. Without his help, I could have never done this on my own.  We were fortunate to have found him and most of all he is a member of our club.  A big thanks to his wife and family for allowing the extra time he has dedicated in developing this for us.

We hope our visitors, members, sponsors, partners, and the local Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA) member clubs will find our webpage informative and educational.  If you are a current BATR member, do not forget your dues are due January 1, 2011. If you are not a BATR member now, we hope you will join our Club or even be sponsor to receive the additional benefits of being a BATR member.  For more information about joining our Club, look on the right side of the new website, click on Club Information, Meetings & Information for a copy of the BATR Club application and Membership Dues Structure. 

What was the vision for the new website?

The vision for the new website was to make it simple to navigate; be dynamic and interactive; to merge our website and the ATV Ride Center into one system rather than two; to include securities and controls for managing viewer  access; plus provide a system that would be adaptable to additional features in the future.   For more information about the feature of  “Our New Websiteclick here.

When will we “go live”?

Our goal is have the new website up and running, i.e. ”go live” sometime after Thursday, December 9, 2010; and we actually  went live December 10.  We are planning to implement the new website in the following phases: 

  • Phase I: Includes the creation of the basic website; provide instruction on how to register and log-on; how to use some of the features; plus provide instructions for the ride leaders on how to post their rides, edit, etc. 
  • Phase II:  Repair website issues and create additional instructions as needed. 
  • Phase III:  Development of the member database and additional  instructions for ride leaders on how to upload photos and videos into their own photo gallery. 
  • Phase IV:  To be determined based on needs.

We will probably have some glitches along the way—functions may not work correctly at first; but, I am certain we will do our best to fix them.  We will need everyone’s patience and understanding while we complete this huge project and trust that everyone will inform us if things are not working correctly.  For more information about “Our New Website” see link below.

Who has to register?

All BATR members, ride leaders, sponsors, partners, and the local Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA) member clubs will need to Register, be an active (paid) member of their respective club for the current year, and membership verified by the web administrator before you can log into the system to see the ATV Ride Center and the Ride & Events Calendar which will be visible on the headings. 

As a BATR member, you will be able to see the current PAPER TRACKS newsletter, access the MEMBERS area, plus be able to post a classified ad and impromptu rides.  BATR members will be able to see additional instructions under the MEMBERS tab.  If you are not a BATR member and would like to join us, see Meetings & Information for an application.

Are there any instructions to help with registration?

Yes, click on the following links below for the basic Registration and log-on instructions.  Once registered and verified, you will be able to change your profile and subscriptions, plus read about how the ATV Ride Center and Ride & Event Calendar works.  See MEMBERS area for addition BATR Member instructions on how to post classified ads and impromptu rides.  Use the “Submit a Comment” feature if you have any questions or comments about our new website.