Why the Change?

The Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC) PAPER TRACKS newsletter has a new look for several reasons:

  1. It was brought to our Board’s attention last fall that the newsletter was a duplication of our website and was questioned why we need both?
  2. MJ, our 2011 Editor, who spent about 20 hours a month researching and preparing the newsletter could not volunteer again for another year.  She officially resigned in December, 2011.
  3. Also, it takes Mike D., Database/Director, several hours a month to send out the newsletter via e-mail mainly because of the size of the newsletter (10 to 16 pages).
  4. Many members couldn’t open it on their computers due to its size.

New Look!

Last month, the BATRC Board met and discussed what to do with the newsletter.  Quinn F., our Webmaster, gave a presentation on how the website could actually create an electronic newsletter in about ten minutes thus eliminating the many volunteer hours in creating and sending out the newsletter.  The format would be different–it would look like a table of contents on “steriods.”

How would it work?

The website will collect or “round-up” all the latest information that has been posted on the website, announcements, etc. and places them on one page with quick links to their stories.

It would also “round-up” all the scheduled rides for the month from the ATV Ride Center.  (Remember the ride schedule portion of the “round-up” would only be visible to paid members.  Members would need to log onto the website to see this part.)  You may have seen examples of this type of format on other news websites.

Advantages of New “Round-up” Format!

  1. Website automatically “rounds-up” all the latest information and future rides and places them on one page (PAPER TRACKS Round-up); thus reducing the amount of volunteer time in creating and sending out the newsletter.
  2. Members can log on and go to one place (Round-up) on the website to find the latest news.
  3. Reduces members time in downloading a large newsletter from their e-mail.
  4. Elimates duplication with website and newsletter articles.
  5. Website automatically sends out notice once a month to all members registered on the website when PAPER TRACKS Round-up is posted.

Disadvantages to New “Round-up” Format!

  1. Biggest disadvantage right now is that we do not have a member volunteer who can write the stories/articles or collect articles from the members.  SO…IF YOU LIKE TO WRITE…WE NEED YOU!   If you can help us, please contact our president, Doug M or vice president, Pauline J.
  2. The new format will be different for the members.


We want to acknowledge MJ’s time in researching interesting articles and stories, and creating our PAPER TRACKS newsletter last year (2011).  She did an outstanding job and her contribution will be sorrily missed.  Thanks MJ for a job well done!

Thanks also to Quinn for the many hours he has contributed in managing and updating our website.