Each membership meeting, we will be voting on photos for the upcoming Calendar.

The rules:

  • Photos must have been taken on a club ride in the current year.
  • Submit up to 3 photos* you would like voted on at the meeting by the Monday before the Tuesday meeting.  Upload your photos to the Meetup club calendar for that month’s meeting, same as you would do for uploading ride center pictures.  Example: for the May 16th meeting upload your photos by May 15th.
  • Adding a caption is optional but helpful of where the photo was taken.
  • Photos can be of anything on the ride scenery, people, machines etc. use your imagination.
  • September is our picnic, we will not be judging of photos this month, to make up for it submit up to 6 photos for the August meeting.
  • At each meeting of all the photos submitted the top 4 most voted photos will move on to the December vote.
  • At the December event the winning photos voted on in the prior months will be shown and voted on again to determine the top 20.  Of that top 20 another vote will happen to determine which one gets the cover of the Calendar.  The remaining 19 will earn a place in the Calendar.
  • * Since we are halfway through the year you can submit up to 6 photos and we will vote on the top 6 for the rest of 2023*


The higher the resolution of your picture the better it will look in a Calendar format.