Subject: Please support Representative Judy Boyle concerning Idaho Fish & Game authority to manage Trails

Dear Representatives:

On Monday, 2-13-12 13 at 1:30 p.m. in room EW40, Representative Judy Boyle will introduce a bill to restrict Idaho’s Department of Fish and Game (IDF&G) authority to limit motorized use of roads and trails on federally managed lands.

Please support Representative Judy Boyle’s legislation that “specifically prohibits the commission and/or Department of Fish & Game from restricting the use of motorized vehicles on trails and roads which are otherwise open to motorized vehicle use on federal lands. I feel that the State of Idaho has no business enforcing vehicle movement regulations on trails that are already being regulated by the federal government. If Fish & Game can regulate vehicle travel on federal lands, then why not allow Idaho Parks & Recreation to regulate vehicle travel on Fish & Game lands and federal lands too, etc on and on…. Where does this stop? As a past President and current board member of the Boise ATV Trail Riders I feel we have enough trail route and travel regulations from The US Forest Service and The BLM. We don’t need one more regulator of federal land travel at the state level. Let the Fish and Game do the job they are responsible for – enforcing hunting and fishing regulations during hunting season and NOT enforcing vehicle traffic movement over Federal lands!

Please support Judy Boyle’s bill.

Thank you,

Haden D. Claiborne

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