Any help your club can give us would be greatly appreciated!  Thanks for all you do.

One of the challenges for us has always been the lack of involvement or interest in OHVs by young people. Most kids, unless their parents ride, are never exposed to the thrill and joy of riding an ATV.  The  Idaho Recreation Council (IRC) steering committee agreed to sponsor a program that aims to fix that. We are partnering with IDPR and Dick Jordan from Timberland High School to put on the first “Ride the Ridge” event for his Tree Club.

We are going to take 12 young people to Pickle Butte on October 10 after school and give them a chance to ride an ATV after they are properly instructed on safety issues. It is our hope that this program will expand and hundreds of young people in the Treasurer Valley will get the opportunity to experience the joy of riding an ATV.

To make this happen, I need your help! This program is going to work like the Veterans’ Ride. Each young person will have a ‘buddy’. I need 12 buddies and 10 ATVs for our young friends. The ride will start at 4 pm but we would like you to be there earlier so you can unload the  ATVs and be ready to roll at 4 pm.

Can you help me out?

Let me know if you can participate. I promise you it will be great fun and you will get dinner!  Can’t top that!  Hopefully we will have some press coverage as well.


Sandra Mitchell [email protected]