Danskin 2013 fire destroyed this bridge.

Why so many ride cancellations this month?

On behalf of all the ride leaders from the six ATV/UTV clubs in the Treasure Valley (Boise, Emmett, Nampa, Mountain Home and Kuna), many of the rides that were scheduled a year ago for October have been cancelled due to weather, fires or fire damage, ride leader illness and scheduling conflicts.  We do apologize, but some of these reasons are out of our control.

Posting an Impromptu Ride!

Just because the some of the rides were cancelled doesn’t mean you can’t ride!  On behalf of all the ride leaders, we encourage members to feel free to post an impromptu ride on the website and continue riding.  If you don’t know how to post an IMPROMPTU ride, be sure to contact me  (Web Administrator) and I can assist; or post it for you.

Want to be a Ride Leader?

If you would like to learn how to be a ride leader, please let me know and the club you belong to, and I will pass along your name to the appropriate club.  We would love to show you how to be a successful ride leader as well as invite you to the Ride Leader meeting.

Jim Maxey, Director, Boise ATV Trail Riders Club

Jim Maxey, Director, Boise ATV Trail Riders Club

Annual Ride Leader Meeting coming up!

All the club ride leaders will be a meeting Saturday, October 18 to plan out rides for 2015.  They are always looking for new areas to ride, so if you have a suggestion and/or would like to help lead a ride, please contact Jim M, Boise Club, and let him know.  He will be facilitating the ride leader meeting and can give you more details on where and when they are meeting.

The first quarter of the 2015 scheduled rides will be posted in December!  Be sure to check out the ATV RIDE CENTER schedule in December; and make sure your club dues for 2015 are paid so that you can continue to see the schedule.


Thanks to all the area ride leaders for taking time in their busy lives to lead a ride this past year.  It takes time to plan, lots of dedication, and extra gas to pre-ride it not once, but in some cases many times!  There was a ride, trail clean-up or a camp-out scheduled almost every weekend this past year…amazing!  Next time you see a ride leader, be sure to thank them for all their efforts!  See some photos of the ride leaders from last year’s planning meeting below!

Thanks also to all the members who helped with the trail clean-ups this past year.  We could not have done it without your help!  We continue to work together in keeping the roads and trails open for all to enjoy!

Want to join us on the rides and help clean the trails?  

Click on links below for more information.

See you out on the trails!

Pauline Jones, BATRC Web Administrator

Ride Leader Meeting 2014

Ride Leader Meeting 2014


Ride Leader Meeting 2014