Stopped on the Miller Mountain Trail by snow.

Stopped on the Miller Mountain Trail by snow.

Here’s your Memorial Day outlook for camping in national forests.

By ROGER PHILLIPS — [email protected] – 5/23/2013

(Roger has allowed the Boise ATV Trail Riders Club to copy his articles.  Please refer the story link for more information on what is open.  This portion of article focuses on closed areas.)

Warm dry weather this spring coupled with a lingering snowpack means recreationists will encounter both fire danger and snow as they head out this weekend in national forests.

  • “Most trails, roads and campgrounds will be open with the exception of those above 6,000 feet,” Boise National Forest officials said.

They noted several wildfires have already occurred at lower elevations, and campfire safety needs to be a top priority this weekend.

  • Even if weather is cool, the fire danger still exists.
  • “Always use water to drown your campfire and never leave your fire unattended for any length of time,” they said.

Here’s the recreation report from popular national forests in Southwest Idaho specifically the CLOSED areas:

Boise National Forest-Lowman Ranger District: (CLOSED AREAS)

  • Bull Trout Campground road is closed and inaccessible due to snow.
  • Deadwood reservoir is closed due to snow on all access roads.
  • Scott Mountain Road 555 is closed.
  • The Clear Creek Road (FS 582) is closed into Deadwood.
  • For more information, call 259-3361

Boise National Forest – Mountain Home Ranger District: (CLOSED AREAS)

  • The Trinity Mountains are not expected to be clear of snow until mid-July for recreation and camping.
  • Shafer Butte Campground near Bogus Basin is not expected to be open until mid-June.
  • For more information, call 587-7961

Boise National Forest – Cascade Ranger District: (CLOSED AREAS)

  • The Landmark/Stanley road 579 to Deadwood Summit is closed due to snow.  Currently there is no access to Deadwood Reservoir.
  • Snowbank Mountain Road 446 is gated and seasonally closed until May 31.
  • High mountain lakes and many high elevation trails above 6,000 feet are still closed due to deep snow.
  • For more information, call 382-7400

Boise National Forest – Idaho City Ranger District: (CLOSED AREAS)

  • The road to Graham Guard Station Dabin providing access to the Graham airstrip is washed out.

Sawtooth National Forest: Recreation Area (CLOSED AREAS)

  • Sawtooth Forest officials remind people to avoid driving or riding on muddy roads and trails to avoid damaging the running surface.
  • Mt Heyburn and Redfish Inlet Campgrounds closed.

Sawtooth National Forest: Minidoka Ranger (CLOSED AREAS)

  • Independence Trailhead is still closed due to snow.
  • Rod to the top of Mt. Harrison is closed beyond Pomrelle Ski Area.
  • For more information, call 678-0430

Payette National Forest: Weiser, Council, New Meadows & McCall Ranger Districts: (CLOSED AREAS)

  • Snow is still present at high elevations and on north-facing slopes, and is not likely to be gone for a few more weeks, Payette Official reported.
  • Mann Creek Road is open.  Fourbit Creek Road from Mill Creek Summit to the Little Wieser river is closed due to washed-out culvert.
  • Cabin Creek Campground is open, but will be closed on Tuesday, May 28 to remove hazardous trees.
  • Goose Lake Road is open to Brundage Reservoir and blocked by snow beyond that.


As the snow melts and more of the forest opens to motorized travel at higher elevations, evidence of damage from winter and spring runoff is starting to be reported.

  • Visitors are reminded to be watchful for potential hazardous conditions along roads, especially after rain storms or wind events.
  • Remember to Tread Lightly and avoid wet roads and trails so that surfaces and waterways are protected from damage where wet conditions exist.
  • Fire danger is a concern on the west side of the forest as grasses and other vegetation are already beginning to dry out.  Be careful with camp fires, hot equipment and vehicle motors.
Read more about what areas are open by clicking on this link: