Welcome to the Sponsors Corner

This section of  the Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC) website is dedicated to our sponsors to provide an overview of their products and services for not only our members, but also for all our website visitors.

Each current BATRC sponsor will have their own page to list their address, phone number, e-mail and/or website links, types of products they sell, services provided, etc.  To find this information, click on SPONSORS CORNER in the gray heading, then click on “Our Sponsors.”  Click “Sponsor Talks” to find out their special events and sales.  Our sponsors can also use the “Sponsor Talk” section to post ATV mechanical information and technical tips; sales and events flyers; discounts; coupons; etc.  As a visitor or member, you will want to check out this section often.  Please feel free to use our website’s “Submit Comments” section or send e-mails directly to our sponsors with your questions and comments.

Sponsors — Want to have a page on our BATRC Website?

For more information about Sponsors Corner and Membership Application, click on this link.  For your convenience, sponsors can now join our Boise ATV Trail Riders Club today using PayPal.  Sponsorship is $60 per calendar year and PayPal is available.  New sponsors must first register (upper right corner) on the website, then click on Join Our Club link in the top menu bar or click on Membership Application and PayPal process.

We appreciate your support in “Keeping the roads and trails open for all to use.” 

Please contact us if you have any questions.