How does a member submit and/or upload their photos?       

Currently, the Web Administrators will be uploading the photos until the new website is functioning correctly.  For now, Members can submit their photos directly to the Web Administrators or to the  PAPER TRACKS Newsletter Coordinator 

Backside of Bogus Basin near Placerville.

Note:  All photos should show appropriate safety gear i.e. helmets on any photos when ATVs are moving.   Photos must also demonstrate responsible ATV riding practices.  Photos need to be in JPG format, have short file names with no spaces.  It is possible that we will include your photos in future ride journals, web photos, etc.  If we receive a story, we can create a ride journal, convert it to a PDF, and post with other Ride & Event Journals. 

Keep in mind the Newsletter Coordinator and Webpage Administrators reserve the right to not publish all photos submitted due to space and appropriateness.  You must be an active Boise ATV Trail Riders member and by submitting your photos, you have given up all photo ownership rights.