CPR Intervention

CPR Intervention A 2000 study found that when CPR was used in conjunction with automated external defibrillators by trained personnel in a casino, survival rates jumped. Fifty-three percent of those patients lived to walk out of the hospital. Speed, it found, was critical. If intervention happened within three minutes, 74 percent survived. If you're not [...]

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Kanab/Southern Utah OHV/ATV Jamboree!!

Fellow OHV/ATV enthusiasts-- The Utah/Arizona ATV club is having a JAMBOREE on April 26-28 at Elephant Cove (near Coral Pink Sand Dunes)!! We are inviting all riders to come to Southern Utah and enjoy some of the best trails anywhere!! In addition to the MAIN EVENT on Saturday the 27th, we will have FREE guided [...]

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Stay on Trails Update

The Stayontrails web team has added new rides for the www.stayontrails.com web site . There are six of them . three in the Caribou-Targhee N.F. thanks to the assistance of District Ranger Dennis Duehren, and three in the Salmon Field Office area of BLM lands near Salmon, Idaho, thanks to the assistance of BLM Outdoor [...]

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Trail Rangers Need Volunteers

Recreationists, We are once again on the cusp of the spring riding season and are looking for a few good riders to fill empty spots in our Trail Ranger ranks. If you know someone who would be interested or you are interested, you have a couple of weeks to contact me and/or send in [...]

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