Nice ride between the canyon walls!

Nice ride between the canyon walls!

Have you heard about the different places to ride in southwest Idaho and southeast Oregon but wondered what the areas looked like?

Here is your chance to take a quick photo tour with us.  Below you find a list of some of the most popular ATV riding areas where our Club members like to go.  As a group, our members help clean the trails several times a year, and usually campout while there.

In the table below, click on a highlighted letter (A, B, C, etc.) to link to a photo Ride Journal  which were written by our ride leaders.  If you have any questions about how to get there, ride difficulty, etc., please contact us.

Enjoy your photo trip!  Let us know if you like seeing these photos by location!

Popular Southwest ATV Riding Areas

Riding Areas Nearest City Ride Journal Links
Atlanta Pine A  B  C  D
Bayhorse Mine Challis A  B  C  D
Bear Creek Idaho City A  B  C  D
Black Butte Grandview A  B  C  D
Black Warrior Idaho City A  B  C  D
Boiling Springs Crouch A  B  C  D
Boise Ridge Boise A  B  C  D
Bruneau Canyon Grandview A  B  C  D
Bruneau Overlook Grandview A  B  C  D
Camas Creek (Closed now) Murphy A  B  C  D
Charley’s Grave Silver City A  B  C  D
Copper Basin Arco A  B  C  D
Danskin Mountains Boise / Mtn Home A  B C  D
E  F G  H
Deadwood Reservoir Cascade A  B  C  D
Dodson Pass Emmett A  B  C  D
Dry Buck Murphy A  B  C  D
Edna Creek Idaho City A  B  C  D
Elk & Deer Creek Idaho City A  B  C  D
Fall Creek Pine A  B  C  D
Featherville Mountain Home A  B  C  D
Flint Silver City A  B  C  D
Fossil Butte Murphy A  B  C  D
French Creek Riggins A  B  C  D
Graham Idaho City A  B  C  D
Grouse Creek Challis A  B  C  D
Grouse Creek Featherville A  B  C  D
Harris Creek Horseshoe Bend A  B  C  D
Hemingway Butte Murphy A  B  C  D
Howe Peak Arco A  B  C  D
Idaho City Boise A  B  C  D
Iron Mountain Featherville A  B  C  D
Jordan Craters Jordan Valley, OR A  B  C  D
Kirkham Ridge Lowman A  B  C  D
Leslie Gulch Homedale A  B  C  D
Little Wilson Pine A  B  C  D
Long Valley Cascade A  B  C  D
Mackay Mine Mackay A  B  C  D
Miner’s Grave Idaho City A  B  C  D
Mill Creek Mackay A  B  C  D
Miller Mountain Lowman A  B  C  D
E   G  H
Mile Post 13 Fruitland A  B  C  D
Mountain Home Crater Mountain Home A  B  C  D
Mud Flats Murphy A  B  C  D
Owyhee Loop Murphy A  B  C  D
 Owyhee Reservoir Homedale A  B  C  D
Placerville Boise A  B  C  D
Packer John Cascade A  B  C  D
Pilot Peak Idaho City A  B  C  D
Poison Creek Station Homedale A  B  C  D
Porter Creek Horseshoe Bend A  B  C  D
Rabbit Creek Idaho City A  B  C  D
Reynolds Creek Murphy A  B  C  D
Rocky Bar Featherville A  B  C  D
Sage Hen Reservoir Ola / Sweet A  B  C  D
E  F  G H
Silver City Murphy A  B  C  D
Sinker Creek Homedale A  B  C   D
Snowbank Mountain Cascade A  B  C  D
Stanley Basin Butte Stanley A  B  C  D
Succor Creek Homedale A  B  C  D
Swan Falls Kuna A  B  C  D
Teapot Craters Mountain Home A  B  C  D
Thorne Creek Idaho City A  B  C  D
Tiddie Creek Murphy A  B  C  D
Trinity Mountains Pine A  B  C  D
Tripod Cascade A  B  C  D
War Eagle Mountain Murphy A  B  C  D
Weiser Sand Dunes Weiser A  B  C  D

Remember to always tell someone where you are going to ride and expected return time.  Always “Plan your ride, and ride your plan.”