Boise ATV Trail Riders Monthly Meeting – Tire selection / Riding Alone Program

You are invited to attend our monthly meeting to hear about our previous rides and upcoming rides. Each meeting usually includes a video presentation or a speaker and a clinic on a “how to” topic.

  • Tuesday, July 19, 2016:
    • No host dinner  6 pm, come early and dine with the members.
    • Meeting at 7 pm to 8-8:30 pm.
    • Clinics start between 8:15-8:30 pm for about an hour.

Minutes from June Meeting:

  • Members, please review June Minutes prior to meeting for approval.

Agenda for July Meeting:

Video Program:

  • Our Video Program will be on proper tire selection for various types of terrain.   Factors such as weight, sidewalls, tread, plys, height and repair issues will all be discussed.
    • Jim Maxey will also discuss air pressure and some personal tips on tire selection.
    • A short group discussion will follow.

After Meeting Clinic:

  • Our Clinic on Riding Alone will follow the meeting  around 8:30 pm on issues when riding alone, how to do it right, etc.  Patrick will discuss riding alone in the wilderness and how to do it with a bit of safety.
  • Discussion will include: 

1. Maps you should have with you
2. Using your GPS and UTM coordinate system to pin-point your location to within 10 meters on a 1:24,000 topo map!
3. Using a Satellite locator beacon
4. Setting up “checkin’s” for when to send help
5. Setting up a proper document let people know when you’re going and what you have with you.
6. Some additional items you might want to take if you go it alone


Patrick Sherman, BATRC President,  Contact Patrick 

Not a Member?

You are invited to attend our monthly meetings and see what we are all about.  If you wish, you can sign up at the meeting. Individual Memberships $15/year; Family/Spouse $20/year; and Sponsors $60/year. Come and ride with us…ATVers and UTVers welcome!  For more information, click on How to Join.  See our Facebook Page.