Here’s a chance to put your mouth where your money is.

Source:  The Idaho Statesman, Statesman Staff 05/23/2013

 The Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) is accepting applications to fill vacancies on grant advisory committees.IDPR ATV/Motorbike Program

The state agency gets a lot of money every year from user fees for its various programs, and the grant advisory committees or citizen panels help decide where it gets spent.

Much of the money comes from things like boat, snowmobile, ATV and RV registrations. Federal money also contribute to the mix.

Some of these boards have members who represent different regions of the state and others represent certain user groups for the whole state.

There are numerous positions open on different boards, including: RV Advisory Committee, Recreation Trail Program, Waterways Improvement Fund, and Off-road Motor Vehicle.  Read more about these positions by clicking on the link below.  Idaho Department of Parks and Recreation (IDPR) must receive Applications by June 28.  For more IDPR information, check out and look at the “Latest News” or see Facebook article and link below.


The Latest on IDPR Facebook About Positions

Support and help direct the use of the Idaho ORMV Fund.The purpose of the Off-Road Motor Vehicle (ORMV) Fund is to acquire, purchase, improve, repair, maintain, furnish, and equip off-road motor vehicle facilities and sites or areas used by off-road motor vehicles on public or private land, and to assist with the enforcement of laws and regulations governing the use of off-road vehicles in the State of Idaho. There are currently three ORMV advisory committee member openings: one for Regions III (3) and Region IV (4) representing Motorbike/ATV; one for Regions III (3) and IV (4) representing Snowmobiling; and one for Regions V (5) and VI (6) representing Motorbike/ATV. Applications are due June 28, 2013.Learn more: