Traveling On!

Last month, Pat and Bonnie McBrayer, announced that they had sold their quads and bought a Harley “tricycle” motorcyle–a nice, bright red one!  Bonnie said, “They are enjoying it tremendously and have over 2,000 miles on their bike.  Having the tricycle allows us to take quick trips when Pat is not working.”  She also said, “Who knows, someday we may buy some quads again, but for now they are having fun.”  They still want to be a part of BATRC and will continue their membership.  Pat and Bonnie have been volunteering with our Club Store, Membership and selling raffle tickets at each meeting for several years.  We will miss them, but happy they are enjoying the next chapter in their lives!  We wish them safe travels!


With the McBrayers departure, Mike and Yvette Pierce, members of BATRC, have offered to take care of the Club Store and Membership.  The Pierces have been members for several years now.  We certainly appreciate them volunteering to help out.  They are anxious to get started and will be the ones greeting you and our guests at the door at our meetings.  Mike and Yvette would like input from our members on items for the store as well.  Please stop and let them know your desires!

Bob Saum, member of BATRC, has volunteered to sell the raffle tickets.  He and his wife, Shirley moved here from Washington about a year ago and have been on several rides.  We appreciate his help as well.  Bob said, there may be times we can’t come to the meetings, but I assured him that some member would be happy to help out!

So, the next time you see Mike, Yvette and Bob, be sure to introduce yourself and thank them for offering to help out.  Our Club cannot exist without volunteers, so if you would like to help out in some way, or maybe be a ride leader, let an officer know.

Thanks Everyone for Your Service!

Pauline Jones, BATRC Vice President / Web Admin