The Ride Photo Album is a new feature on our Boise ATV Trail Rider’s website.  After a ride, we are encouraging the ride leaders to submit about ten photos from their trip so others can see how much fun the group had, plus show others what the area looked like.   If possible, those who are sending in the photos need to reduce each photo to be less than 800 x 600 pixels before submitting to the web administrator.  Or, send to web administrators and we will reduce them.

Each group of photos below are “stacked,” so click on the top photo to open up the photo album.  There are two options to view the photos larger:

  • Slideshow: To view as a slideshow, click on “Show as Slideshow.”  Wait for the photos to download–they will automatically transition to the next photo.  Click on “Show Picture List” to return to previous screen.
  • Individual Photos:  Click on “View with PicLens” to view photos individually.  Wait for photos to download.  Use the “X” in upper right corner of the photo return to previous screen.

To exit, use your back browser arrow, or click on a different heading.

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