Hello and welcome!

It’s been a long winter and things are just now starting to thaw out.  Many of our rides have not been accessible due to the snows.  As of this writing (May 7th 2017) we still have 3 feet of snow in the Owyhees and about 7 feet of snow at Warm Lake!  Yikes!

We’ve done several rides to the Owyhee’s (the lower areas), but that’s been about it.  Things are melting so be patient and we’ll be all over the place shortly.

We did some work (trail repair) with the Mountain Home club yesterday on Danskin.  Great job by Jim Maxey, Bruce Fuller and Randy Johnson from our club going out to help.  And a special shout out to Rusty Faircloth and his club for orchestrating the event.

Our new Ride Center is working well and the details on our rides have been terrific and we’re working every day to make that system even better.  If you see things you’d like for us to try and work on please let me know.

We have a lot coming up for our meetings with a winching and tire clinic as well as programs on survival and bears.  We’ll also be having our 2nd annual Jeopardy game.  Should be great fun and we’d love to see you.

Have a safe year riding and we’ll see you on the trails.

Website Changes:  Speaking of our website, our BATRC website has a new look!  You may have noticed the change. Our new web address is www.rideatvs.com (landing page) and our official page is www.rideatvs.org   We were fortunate to get this domain name because it really describes what we do.  You can still get our website through the old addresses, but this is short and sweet.  Easy to tell people where to find us!  Additionally, our ATV Ride Center, which is where we posted our rides and events for the year, has a new home.  We are using a social networking “calendar” called Meetup.com.  The official name of our calendar will be Southwest Idaho ATV/UTV Ride Center, for short, we are calling the “Ride Center.”  The benefit of using Meetup will allow each of the local clubs to manage their rides.  This way, they don’t have to contact our web admin to help cancel or postpone a ride due to fire, weather, etc.  Members will no longer have to register on our BATRC website to see the Ride Center.  Now members of all the club members will need to register on Meetup.com.  Access to view the ride schedule and all their details will be given by each club representative.   Again, Randy J is our Meetup.com Rep.  You can find his name under CONTACTS on our website if you have any questions.

Membership Dues are DUE: This is most important thing to remember — Membership Dues are DUE as of January 1.  So, in order for you to see the Ride Center, not only will you need to be registered on Meetup.com; but also, you need to be a “Paid” member of one of the local ATV/UTV clubs!  To join our Boise Club, you can  fill out our Membership Application on-line and pay using PayPal.  Click on the  HOW TO JOIN button on our website!  Another change–our Membership Dues are now $25 which were voted on at our January meeting.  We no longer have Individual or Spouse/Family dues.  Dues are all the same price except for Sponsor!

Enough of the business stuff.  We are excited about this year’s rides and hope you will be joining us–so, LET’S GET OUT THERE and RIDE!

Patrick Sherman, BATRC President 2016-2017