What is the Southwest Idaho ATV/UTV Ride Center?

The Southwest Idaho ATV/UTV Ride Center (Ride Center) is where five of the local Treasure Valley Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA) clubs combine their planned monthly rides, events, camp-outs and trail clean-ups into one schedule/calendar.  This provides all the ISATVA members and guests an opportunity to get together almost every week somewhere in southwest Idaho and eastern Oregon.  The five ISATVA clubs are:

  • Boise ATV Trail Riders
  • Canyon County ATV
  • Emmett Rough Riders
  • Mountain Home ATV
  • Kuna Trail Riders

You must be a paid member for the current year with at least one of the ISATVA clubs, plus be registered and approved on the new Meetup.com site in order to see all the rides/events and their details.  See Meetup.com for additional information about each of the clubs.


Our motto is, “Working together to keep the roads and trails open for all.”  Throughout the year, our clubs work with State, Federal and local Counties to help with trail maintenance, clean-ups, and community projects.  These events are included into the schedule.  See Partnering and Working Together for more information.

ATV Ride Center Ride Leader Volunteers:

The Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC) has sponsored the Ride Center for many years until January 2017 when it was moved to Meetup.com. The success of the Ride Center comes from the effort of about two dozen ISATVA members who volunteer their time in researching and planning the rides and campouts.  At the end of each year, these ride leaders come together, plan out where they want to go, and negotiate dates for the following year.  Each of the ride leaders provide all the ride details which is entered into the Ride Center for all to see.  At the end of the ride, the ride leaders can share their experience by submitting a story and photos about their ride.  See Our Code of Riding Ethics and Rider Tips for information on how to be prepared for a ride.