Boise ATV/UTV Trail Riders

The Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC), originally the Idaho ATV Association, is a group of ATV/UTV riders in the Boise, Idaho southwest Treasure Valley area who share some common interests and concerns. We are always looking for new places to ride, people to ride with, and ways to partner and work with state and federal agencies in “working together to keep roads and trails open for all..”

Guests & Non-Members Attending Rides

We welcome new members and guests to help us keep the roads and trails open; and enjoy the camaraderie by riding together. If you’re interested in riding with us, we invite you to attend our monthly meetings to find out where we are riding and when. If you have questions, feel free to contact one of the officers listed under the “Contact. See Membership Dues below for more information.

Where do we meet?

Currently, our BATRC meetings are held on the third Tuesday of each month at the Idaho Pizza Company, 405 E. Fairview, Meridian, Idaho. Meetings start at 7:00 pm, but we invite you to come early and have dinner.

Membership Dues:

Our membership calendar is from January 1 to December 31. Membership dues are currently $25 this can change at any time. (One person or family, all are merged into one fee). 2022 Sponsor Dues are available in two levels. (For more details about being a sponsor contact us at [email protected])

  • Printable Member Application / Renewal form. (Print a copy, fill out form and mail with check to address on Application; or you can join at the meetings.)
  • On-line Member Application using PayPal. (Click here or click on How to Join gold button on Home page.)

Do we have a ride schedule?

Yes, we do! In fact we have over sixty rides, camp-outs, trail clean-ups and special events planned for the year. These rides are a combined effort of all the ride leaders from the local ATV/UTV clubs. You can find our schedule on under Southwest Idaho ATV/UTV Ride Center, i.e. Ride Center.

Once you become a member and register under, you will be given access to the Ride Center to view the schedule and all the details on where to meet, when, etc. You will be able to send in comments or questions, and even R.S.V.P.! You will want to check the Ride Center before you leave for a ride to make sure it is still a go.

  • What is A wonderful place to share our ride details with our members.
  • How do I sign up for Click here for story.

Don’t delay, sign up or renew your membership today!

History of Us:

History: The Idaho ATV Association, Inc. (Association) was started around 1992 by two avid ATV riders, Bob Jackson and Bill Jones, Boise, Idaho. Their goal was to ride to every mountain top they could find. They loved riding so much that they wanted to share the fun with others. Bill and Bob invited about twelve of their retired buddies to join them. They all felt they ought to become an official group that promotes ATV riding and supports keeping the trails open; thus they all became the “founding fathers” of the Association. Bill’s wife, Pauline, designed the logo which is copyrighted.

The Association (Boise) kept growing over the years and five of the active members decided to start their own chapters, now called “Clubs.” in Emmett, Mountain Home, Canyon County and Kuna ATV clubs.

The Merge: Around 2009, the struggling Gem State ATV Association approached Bill, who was Boise’s President at the time, and asked if they could use the Association’s logo, add “State” to the name, and make it a statewide organization. Bill agreed, and allowed to them to use the name/logo with the understanding if things did not work out that he (Boise) could get the name back. It was agreed upon by all parties. Gem State ATV Association and the Idaho ATV Association officially merged into a statewide organization and became the Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA). Their first president was Clark Collins, retired, formally of the Blue Ribbon Coalition. The Boise group changed their name to the Boise ATV/UTV Trail Riders Club and became a member of ISATVA, as well as the other six clubs. Visit ISATVA’s website for local clubs by clicking this link.