French Creek

Summer ride in Idaho's mountains near French Creek.

After the ride or event is completed, a member and/or ride leader writes a story and sends in the photos to the Club’s Newsletter Coordinator.   A ride journal is written and printed in the Club’s PAPER TRACKS newsletter and posted on the website. 

Click on the dates below to open up each journal.   Feel free to save a copy and print it.   The journals are in PDF format.

Eventually, members will be able to upload photos directly to the website.  When completed, the following instructions on “How to Upload Photos & Videos” directly to the website will be posted in the Members area.

2010 Ride Journals

  January 2 – Paddock Reservoir
  February 13 – Succor Creek
  February 14 – Rabbit Creek (new posting 10-25-10)
  March 20 – Dodson Pass (new posting 10-25-10)
  March 27 – TBD
  March 28 – Harris Creek (new posting 10-25-10)
  April 22 – Owyhee Annual Clean-up & Ride
  April 23 – Owyhee Clean-up
  May  8 – Owyhee Loop
  May 15 – Bosski ATV Trailer in Use
  May 15 – Danskin Clean-Up
  May 16 – Elk Creek & Deer Creek
  May 29 – Crouch / Boiling Springs
  June 3-6 – Sage Hen Clean-up
  June 26 – Kirkham Trails Clean-up
  June 24/27 – Kirkham Trail Ride
  July 10 – Featherville / Grouse Creek
  July 17 – Owyhee Ridge & Flint
  July 30 – Iron Mountain
  July 30 – Iron Mountain (Additional)
  August 8 – Dry Buck
  August 14 – Owyhee Loop & Silver City
  August 21 – Deadwood Reservoir
  September 5 – Pilot Peak & Rock Creek
  October 23 – Danskin Trails Fall Ride
  November 7 – Big Foot Butte Ride
  December 12 – Leslie Gulch


Member Rides

   The following are ATV trips members have done on their own and wanted to share with everyone.  If you have been on ride and want to share it, please submit your story and photos to the Club’s Newsletter Coordinator or Web Administrator.  Photos should be JPGs.

  May 17 – Owyhee Loop (new posting 10-25-10)
  July 17 – Owyhee Ridge & Flint (Additional)
  July 30 – Atlanta Run (new posting 10-25-10)
  October 7 – Jasper Mine Ride

 Note:  We reserve the right to not publish all photos submitted due to space, appropriateness and grammar.  Thanks you for helping us make our site enjoyable by all.