2012 Five SW Idaho ATV Club’s Ride Schedule Meeting

Fifteen members of the Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA), Southwest (SW) Region had their annual ride schedule planning meeting on Thursday, October 20 in Boise. Jim Maxey, Boise ATV Club, coordinated the meeting. Together, we reviewed this year’s rides month by month, weekend by weekend.

We scheduled some of the favorite annual rides, campouts and trail clean-ups, moved a few rides around, added some new ride locations that members have never been on, and assigned ride leaders. From looking at the list, it appears that we have rides scheduled almost every weekend throughout the year with more than one ride to choose from on some weekends. All 2012 rides will be posted on the Boise ATV Trail Riders website sometime in December.

This year’s planning group is a very dedicated group of ATV riders from all the clubs who are passionate about giving our members the best year of riding possible. Thanks to all the members who participated in the meeting and continue to volunteer to lead the rides.

Join Us Today

Our 2012 schedule offers a wide variety of rides. So, if you’re not already a paid member of one of the five Southwest Region ISATVA Clubs (Boise, Emmett, Canyon County, Kuna and Moutain Home), sign up before January 1, 2012, so you can see our ride calendar on the website and/or access a calendar from one of the various club monthly newsletters. Click here for a list of Southwest Region ISATVA Clubs, or click on Idaho State ATV Association’s website link below on the right.

Come and join us on some great adventures in southern Idaho in 2012!

Travis Tyson, Canyon County ATV Club President   and   Jim Maxey, Boise ATV Trail Riders Club Ride Leader/Director