We need your support AND we’d like to increase your sales from our 200+ club membership! 

As an ad sponsor of the Boise ATV/UTV Trail Riders (the oldest ATV club in the area, est. 1979) you’ll not only be supporting the off-road sport around the area but helping to protect our trails from closure and at the same time we hope to generate more sales for you from our large membership.

Contact us at: [email protected]

Here’s what your support will do:

  • You’ll have a great ad (linked to your website) that will help draw customers to your business
  • You’ll have access to our “Ride Center” so you can go on over 60 rides with us across the state
  • You can give captive audience “elevator pitches” to our membership during meetings
  • You’ll support a club that is out there helping to keep the trails cleared, repaired and accessible to all.

Go to our website and see the ads live so you can choose the size you wish to go with.  Larger ads ($295) smaller ($150).