Expert Edge –Clinic– GPS and your map… A system for plotting your position!

Using your GPS on your ATV/UTV is only half the battle and in many ways is just not enough when you are in unfamiliar territory… you need a map!

Come join us for a review of matching your GPS (Lat/Long coordinates) to an Idaho Delorme Atlas & Gazetteer, the map book you should carry on any ATV ride.   With our expert instructor we will show you how to take your coordinates from your GPS and plot them to the map with great precision.

This is a skill every ATV/UTV rider should know and we’ll take something pretty complex and make it quite simple with our system. Additionally, this map plotting system will save you lots of $$$ from having to purchase 1:24,000 maps for a long ATV ride.  If time permits we will have a bit of a discussion about UTM coordinates and using them with a 1:24,000 map, but only if time permits.   We will have our navigation expert, Darrel McCracken, a retired military navigator, laying out the details for you in this clinic.  Come join us for what should be a great nugget of knowledge that every outdoors person should have.

We suggest (as you’ll need this equipment anyway) to bring with you some chart dividers and a Delorme Idaho map.   We will have a few maps and dividers at the clinic, but it will help if you bring your own.  Trust me, you’ll be super glad you purchased them!!!

Click here for purchasing dividers

Click here to purchase the Delorme Idaho Map


Clinic Date and Time:

This clinic will start right about 8:15 to 8:30 pm directly after our normal club meeting on Tuesday, March 15 at Idaho Pizza, 405 E Fairview, Meridian.

For questions about this clinic email me at [email protected]  or call 916-226-5684

Patrick Sherman, BATRC President