ISATVA booth at the Annual Sportsman Show first weekend in March.

ISATVA booth at the Annual Sportsman Show first weekend in March.

The Idaho Power Display Booth used at the Annual Sportsman Show and ISATVA events has been loaned to our BATRC through Pauline Jones, retired from Idaho Power.  This Display Booth is normally stored at Pauline’s home.  Special care is required to insure the booth is put away properly.  Please read the instructions inside the Display boxes.

Overhead lights have been purchased by BATRC to place above the Display.  These too are usually stored at Pauline’s home. The large sign was made especially for the Sportsman Show to promote all the southwest Treasure Valley Clubs which should be stored with the Display.

A special layout has been created for the Display Booth to include photos, signage, etc.  These should be kept with the Display Booth. Instructions for the Booth layout has been created.

This Display Booth needs to be reserved with Pauline, 208-484-3040 or [email protected] .  Typically, someone from BATRC or the Canyon ATV Club coordinates setting up and tearing down the booth.

A piece of carpet has also been cut to place in the booth which is stored at Pauline’s home.  A flat screen TV and VCR/DVR has been donated to the Club to use during the Sportsman Show by a member.  The table and chairs are borrowed, see Jim Maxey.  State brochures are gathered by the coordinator of the show at various State agencies.  ISATVA handouts, generic application for all southwest Treasure Valley clubs, etc are created as well, see sample Documents below.

Sample of Various Documents Used at the Annual Sportsman Show