First-Aid Class

For those wanting to take the U.S. Forest Service Chainsaw class this spring (May 2-3 at Emmett), this First-Aid class is a pre-requisite for the Chainsaw class.  The fee for the class is $20 which includes a booklet, class supplies and basic First-Aid card.  Members not taking the Chainsaw class still may take this First-Aid class as well, fee is the same.

When:  Thursday, April 9

Time:  7:00 pm

Place:  Boise Church of Christ located at 2000 Eldorado St, Boise  [Going east (towards Boise) on Fairview, past Cole, turn left onto Eldorado. Idaho Pizza is on the corner of Eldorado and Fairview.  Church is located about four blocks from Fairview on the corner of Eldorado and Popular.]

Instructor:  Bill Jones, Member of Boise ATV Trail Riders Club, former EMT and Physical Education Professor at BSU

Phone:  375-0101

E-mail:  [email protected]


Please send Bill an e-mail BEFORE Wednesday, April 8 if you are planning to come so he can have enough materials ready.  

Chainsaw Class on May 2-3 – Please contact Ray Ingram, Emmett Rough Riders Club for more information.  (Phone 369-3241)