House Bill 12 – Sales Tax Exemption for Nonresident Sales:

HB12 will exempt from sales tax sales of UTVs to nonresidents.  This is already the law with respect to ATV, motorbike and snowmobile sales to nonresidents.  This just adds UTVs.  The bill was presented at the suggestion of ISATVA, at the urging of many of our dealer/sponsors who were losing UTV sales as a result of current law applying the sales tax on UTV sales to nonresidents.  HB12 has already passed in the House (only one vote against).  It will likely be voted on by the Senate by Tuesday, February 17.  We expect passage, but always appreciate any effort to inform and educate your local legislators.

  • As an update February 22, 2015: House Bill 12 (sales tax exemption) passed the Senate yesterday without any votes against.  I expect it will be signed into law soon.  Many thanks to the support of Representative Gestrin and Senator Hagedorn in helping with that issue.
  • We are still waiting for hearing on House Bill 129.  Probably next week.

House Bill 129 – OHV Use on Numbered State Highways:

HB129 was just printed in the House today.  HB129 is being presented through Rep. Terry Gestrin (Donnelly) at the request of ISATVA and the Idaho Recreation Council.  Current law allows OHVs to operate on all public roads (except numbered state highways) unless closed by the county or city.  The purpose of HB129 is two-fold – (1) to allow OHVs to travel on and cross numbered state highways within cities where the speed limit is 45 or less, unless closed by the city, and (2) to allow the Transportation Department to designated other areas of numbered state highways where OHVs may travel or cross.  Regardless, OHV travel and crossing of divided highways (like freeways) will not be permitted.  HB129 will likely go before the House Transportation Committee next week.

  • I will let everyone know once a date and time is set.  In the meantime, we appreciate any effort to inform and educate your local legislators.

Thanks again!

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