Oregon offers a free “On-line” Certified Safety Course

 http://www.oregon.gov/OPRD/ATV/safety.shtml .   Notice the “Mandatory Safety Training Age” schedule below.  By January 1, 2014, all riders (all ages) must be certified and carry their ATV safety education card with them when they ride on lands open for public use. See below for more information or click on their link.

From Oregon Park & Recreation Department

New safety laws are now in effect for operating quads and three-wheel ATVs (Class I ATVs) and off-road motorcycles (Class III ATVs) on lands open to public use. (See chart below for age-related timelines.) In order to make training as convenient as possible, the Oregon Parks and Recreation Department now offers this free safety and education program and certification online on this website.

SAFETY TRAINING EXEMPTION:   Safety training isn’t mandatory for riders using an ATV or off-road motorcycle for farming, agriculture, forestry, nursery, Christmas tree growing operations or when riding on private land.

Training Online in Three Easy Steps

1.  Study and pass the online test on this website. A student can expect to spend between one and two hours for the entire process.

2.  We’ll mail you a plastic, wallet-sized All-Terrain Vehicle Safety Education Card approximately 30 days after you pass the test (You can print a 30-day temporary education card immediately after you get a ‘pass’ confirmation).

3.  Carry the ATV safety education card with you whenever you operate a Class I or Class III ATV on lands open for public use.

Mandatory Training Ages

 Year – Mandatory Safety Training Age

  • Jan. 1, 2009  – Youth 15 and under and adults supervising youth
  • Jan. 1, 2010 – 30 and under
  • Jan. 1, 2011 – 40 and under
  • Jan. 1, 2012 – 50 and under
  • Jan. 1, 2013 – 60 and under
  • Jan. 1, 2014 – All riders must have an ATV safety education card

There is no minimum age to take the online course, though some children may have a difficult time with the course material. We strongly encourage parents to go through the course materials and test with their child/children. Parents who participate and who pass the test will receive their safety card as well. Even parents who choose not to take the test usually find the course both informative and enjoyable.

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