PAPER TRACKS Round-up ~ August-September 2012

Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC) PAPER TRACKS is an electronic newsletter that rounds up the latest articles from the website. This provides one place for our members to view the latest posts and future events.

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President’s MessageWe made it through the hot summer and it is now September. Many of us enjoyed riding and camping out in spite of all the smoke from four …


September Meeting — Potluck Picnic in the Park

Reminder: Our September 18 meeting will not be held at our normal meeting place (Idaho Pizza Co).  Our September meeting will be a “Potluck Picnic in the Park.” Chicken and cake will be purchased by the Club.  Members are asked to bring a side dish, eating utensils, and favorite liquid refreshments — NO glass bottles in the park.  Need head count, so please call Bonnie R. See website post for more information and contact information. Remember, you do have to be logged onto the website to open posting for the Potluck Picnic in the Park link.

BATRC Audit Committee & Election Committee Appointed 

This spring the Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC) voted to change our election of officers and directors to November rather than April.  In order to prepare for the elections, an audit of the Treasurer’s book and inventory of the trail equipment needs to be done.  Three members volunteered: Carl R., Mike T. and Russ B.  The Election Committee (Haden C., Darrel M. and Jim M.) will be identifying members who would like to take an active role in being an officer and director.  If you would like to volunteer, please contact one of the members.  Term will be from January to December of each year.  Thanks everyone for your help.

BATRC Club Store

Our new BATRC Club Store Coordinators are soliciting ideas on what type of items you would like to see in our Club Store, such as jackets, coffee mugs, etc.  Please let Mike or Yvette know what you would like to see.  Send in your request by clicking on this link.


Want to join us on our rides?  You can join us by attending a meeting, print off an application and mail to us, or use PayPal through our website.  In order to use PayPal, you must REGISTER on our Boise ATV Trail Riders Club website.  See article below which describes the three different ways to join.  Once you become a member, then you will be able to see all our scheduled rides around the Treasure Valley. 
How to Join – Boise ATV Trail RidersSeveral ways to join the Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC): 1 – You are welcome to attend our meetings and join us by filling out an ap…


BATRC Members assisted Boy Scout Troop Cleaning Trails

Community Project Boise FrontBill Jones was asked by a young Boy Scout (Auston D. ) if he could assist his Boy Scout Troop (ages 10-14) in identifying a merit badge p…

Idaho City Ambulance ATV Raffle Update

If you have not purchased your $20 raffle ticket for the Idaho City Ambulance drawing, there are a few left to purchase. This is a fundraiser for rescue equipment for Idaho City Ambulance.  Drawing will take place when all the tickets have been sold, hopefully before the first of October!  The grand prize is a 2012 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. ATV!  Winner will be responsible for license, transportation and sales tax.  Other prizes will be given away too.  For more information, contact Ron Manker at 571-1043.  See website link “Win an ATV!” below for more information.
Win an ATV! – Boise ATV Trail RidersReminder: Idaho City Ambulance is sponsoring a raffle drawing for a 2012 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O. ATV. Raffle tickets are $20 each. Thi…


Gas Smell from ATV

This has been a popular topic on our website with several members sharing their experiences and what they have done to eliminate the smell of raw gas.  Click on the story below and then scroll to the bottom of the article to see the comments made by others.  Thanks Brian for your article.  Have something you would like to share?  We are always looking for articles, see “REQUEST: Articles for the website” below for contact.
Gas Smell in Your ATVIntroduction. This article discusses the diagnosis and treatment of a smell of raw gas in an ATV. While written about my 2010 Polaris Spo…

REQUEST:  Articles for the website

We are looking for interesting articles / stories to post on our the website.  They must be ATV related and have a local interest.  Contact the BATRC Web Administrators if you can assist.


Thorn Creek Ride – Idaho City was cancelled due to Trinity fire – few stayed and enjoyed Idaho City

About a dozen members were planning to come up to Idaho City for the Thorn Creek ride August 10-11 and we had to cancel the ride due to the Trinity fire. We arrived on Thursday afternoon at the campsite and heard that we may not be able to ride on the weekend. On Friday, law enforcement informed us that Thorn Creek to Edna Creek would be closed on Saturday. At noon, we went into town (Idaho City) to find internet access so that we could cancel the ride. Mission accomplished after roaming up and down the streets to find access.

While eating our lunch, we noticed some members drive by in their motorhome, Carl and Bonnie, and quickly caught up with them and back to the campsite (Steamboat Parking area) we went. We decided to make the best of the time and went for a quick short ride to Thorn Creek lookout before they officially closed the area. You definately could smell smoke in the air and from the lookout, you couldn’t see very far. They officially closed the area late Friday afternoon.


The next morning, we rode our ATVs to town, went to the Museum and explored some of the other establishments in town. We came back and was invited by a guy parked next to us to pan for some gold in the stream. That was an interesting process!

We came back to camp and decided to have a potluck dinner with our new found friends (the gold panner and his family) who also had an ATV. Late afternoon, we had another BATRC member, Frank, show up and stayed for dinner. It was a fun social event and we ended the evening by teaching each other how to use our GPSs more efficiently! Thanks Frankie for your expertise–we got one of the GPSs to finally work!

We left Sunday morning and our new friends were considering to join our club. Yeah! Despite the lack of ATV riding, we all had a good time; however, coming back into the Boise valley, the smoke was very thick and we were wishing we had stayed longer at Idaho City! 

Click on  2012 Ride Photo Album below to see and click on the WKN Aug 10-12 Thorn Creek album to see the smoke filled valley.
–Bill & Pauline

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2012 Ride Photo AlbumThe Ride Photo Album is a new feature on our Boise ATV Trail Rider’s website. After a ride, we are encouraging the ride leaders to submit…

Burdorf Ride

The Burdorf ride was a good ride but had several ATV accidents.  Read about one of the incidents by clicking on the link below.
Compliments to Midas Gold-StibniteAugust 31, 2012 It was a beautiful day of riding ATV’s from Landmark to Cinnabar Mine around to Stibnite Mine and back to camp. There wer…

2012 Ride Photo Album

View photos from our past rides by clicking on the link below to the 2012 Ride Photo Album.  We are short some photos from the summer rides, so if you went on a ride and can share your photos, we would love to have a copy.  See post below: “MEMBERS: Need Photos of Summer Rides and Campouts” for contact.
2012 Ride Photo AlbumThe Ride Photo Album is a new feature on our Boise ATV Trail Rider’s website. After a ride, we are encouraging the ride leaders to submit…

MEMBERS:  We Need Photos of Summer Rides and Campouts!

If you went on a ride / campout this summer, we are needing photos to post on the website.  Please send 8 to 15 photos to the BATRC web administrators and they will post with the ride.  Make sure you identify which ride / campout and date.  Thanks.

Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA) Meeting & Rides Coming Up

South-central Idaho(Magic Valley ATV Riders in Twin Falls) has agreed to host this year’s annualmeeting for ISATVA.  The preferred dates, in order of preference, are (1)October 19th and 20th, (2) October 26 and27, and (3) November 2 and 3. The ISATVA Board will be voting on these days soon.  All members are invited to attend open meeting. As in the past, ISATVA usually has some rides prior to the meeting.  Not sure what has been planned to date. Check website later for more information


Members:  Have you been on a ride, tracked it with your GPS, and mapped it?  If so, it can be posted under our TRAIL TRACKS heading on the website.  See past TRAIL TRACK posts which include maps!  Thanks Kenny for all the ones you have done…keep them coming!  Along with his GPS, he uses “Every Trail” software to create his tracks.  If you need assistance, please contact us at or contact Kenny M directly.
Trail Tracks – Boise ATV Trail RidersBayhorse Bayhorse Trail System Black Butte Boiling Springs Club Communications Danskin Danskin Trail System Deadwood Reservoir Dodson Pas…


FOR SALE:  2011 Polaris Sportsman Touring 850 ATV.  Call (208) 895-9876.
WANTED:  2010-2011 Honda 500 with power steering.  Call (208) 375-0101.


Click on the “Our Sponsors – Boise ATV Trail Riders” link below for more information about each of our sponsors.  There are more than one page of sponsors, so make sure you click on page two at the bottom of the Our Sponsors page.  Remember, some of our sponsors offer discounts to members on select items.  Make sure you take your membership card with you when you shop–no, you can’t use your discount on buying ATVs–sorry about that!!
Our Sponsors – Boise ATV Trail RidersAtlanta ATV Ride Center Bayhorse Bayhorse Trail System Black Butte Boiling Springs Boise Ridge Danskin Mountains Danskin Trail System Edn…

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