Sage Hen

Taking a lunch break at Sage Hen during our annual Sage Hen Trail System clean-up.

We have received a few questions from our  website visitors on what is the ATV Ride Center and where is it located on the Boise ATV Trail Rider’s (BATR) website?   Also, where is the Ride & Event Calendar?  Hopefully, this brief article will answer our guest’s questions.

What is  the ATV Ride Center?

The ATV Ride Center provides a list of scheduled rides throughout the year by the five local southwest Idaho State ATV Association (ISATVA) clubs.  In December, the ride leaders from each of the ISATVA clubs combine their planned monthly rides and trail clean-ups into one schedule which is posted on the ATV Ride Center.  This combined schedule provides the members and guests an opportunity to ride together almost every week somewhere in southwest Idaho and eastern Oregon, plus reduces the potential of rides being scheduled on the same day.  The five ISATVA clubs are: Boise ATV Trail Riders, Canyon County ATV, Emmett Rough Riders, Kuna Trail Riders, and the Mountain Home ATV Clubs.

Where do I find the ATV Ride Center on the website?

The ATV Ride Center is not visible to the public (visitors). You must be a paid member of the BATR Club or one of the ISATVA clubs to view the ATV Ride Center.   After a person has been registered and logged into the website, current membership to an ISATVA club verified, the heading to the ATV Ride Center will be visible.  It will be located in the upper left-hand corner directly under the Boise ATV Trail Rider’s heading.

What about the Ride & Event Calendar?

Same for the Ride & Event Calendar.  It is only visible to registered and paid members of the Boise ATV Trail Rider’s Club or any of the registered ISATVA club members.  See “New BATR Website” for further information and Registration instructions.

How do I become a member of BATR or an ISATVA Club?

If you would like to join the Boise ATV Trail Rider’s Club, click here for an application.  For a listing of ISATV clubs, click here.  This will open up a list of all the clubs and contact names for the ISATVA clubs. 

How do I register once I become a club member?

See an the article “New BATR Website.”  Instructions are posted within this article.