Derrill, a BATR member, sent us this link, it might be of some interest to you. Check it out.

In case members of the club are not aware, there are free maps available for Garmin GPS receivers at:

Just follow the tutorials on that website for installing MapSource or BaseCamp exactly. Then look for the maps you will want to use like: TOPO, Land Ownership, and Northwest Trails. If you have trouble, there is help available at GPSFileDepot on the forums, or I can answer simple questions.

I recently communicated with the author of Northwest Trails, and asked him to include the trail numbers for the Danskin Trail System. The latest version of Northwest Trails v 1.66, includes the correct trail numbers. Here is a direct link to download Northwest Trails:

Donate if you like, making maps is a very time consuming process.

Have fun, and be safe on the trails.