Be Safe

Stopping for a break above the Snake River, near Grandview, Idaho.

DO NOT RIDE ALONE!  Riding with a group is the safest way to see our beautiful State…safety is in the numbers!  Plus, riding in a group is a great way to meet new and old friends who enjoy riding.

Always remember to inform your spouse, family, or friend where you are going and when you will be back.  And more importantly, “Plan your ride, and ride your plan.”  It is harder to find lost riders when they venture away from their planned ride!

Top 10 Reasons to Join an ATV Club

1. Meet new people who have the same interest—the love of riding ATVs.
2. Find out places to ride within your local and statewide areas, as well as surrounding states.
3. Socialize and build lasting relationships.
4. Protect the environment by riding responsibly and encouraging others to do the same.
5. Ride together for safety.
6. Receive information about local and statewide issues facing the OHV community through the club newsletter and monthly meetings.
7. Protect and ensure your right to ride in local areas by volunteering your time to work with various government agencies and special interest groups, cleaning trails, etc.
8. Receive 10% discount on ATV accessories and services from participating sponsors.
9. Work together in keeping the trails and roads open for all and future generations to enjoy.
10. See the beauty of Idaho — from the desert flat lands to the glorious mountain tops.

Attending Rides

If you interested in coming on a ride with us, we invite you to attend our monthly meetings to find out where we are riding and when.  Once you become a BATRC member, you will have access to the ATV Ride Center which has all the local southwest ISATVA club rides listed.  Feel free to Submit a Comment if you have any questions or Contact Us.