What type of trails do we ride on?

Cleaning up a 50 inch trail at Bender Creek, Danskin Trail System near Mountain Home, Idaho.

Idaho provides a variety ATV trails to ride on. They can be old main roads to logging roads to trails specifically designed for ATVs that are less than 50 inches wide.

We invite you to attend our Boise ATV Trail Riders Club (BATRC) monthly meeting to find out where the next ride will be, trail conditions, trail difficulty, etc.  A list of rides the next four to eight rides will be available at the meetings.

Or if you are a member of the BATRC, you will be able to see our scheduled southwest Idaho rides on the ATV Ride Center or Ride & Event Calendar on this website.

What do our southwest Idaho ATV trails look like?

Decending down to Snake River on old main road from Mountain Home road to Silver City, Idaho in the 1880s. Now an ATV trail!

Our trails are in Idaho’s scenic mountains, rolling hills, flat lands, or deserts. They can be fairly smooth to bumpy, dry to wet depending on the time of year.

Check out Trail Photos by Location, or our Ride Journals to see what the trails look like.

Does your Club rate the difficulty of trail?

Yes, we do. Our seasoned ride leaders felt it was important to rate the trails and developed a simple guide shown below. Over the years, others have come up with similar guides to include not only the difficulty of the trail, but also to include the ability of the driver. This type of guide has merit, but currently our Club prefers the simple version. The ride leaders indicate the trail difficulty within their ride description. Click here for a printable copy of the Trail Difficulty Guide.

Emergency Air Service on the Trail

To be safe, sign up for your Emergency Air Ambulance Service  TODAY.